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Hyperscale data centers and cloud computing platforms have emerged as the backbone of modern digital experiences.

Scalability planning is a critical aspect of IT infrastructure design, ensuring businesses can adapt and grow as needed over time. Hyperscale data centers and cloud computing platforms have emerged as the epicenters of modern digital experiences, powering applications that drive the digital economy. The demand for consistently available distributed compute has reached unprecedented heights, with the global cloud computing market projected to soar from $585.8 billion in 2022 to a staggering $1,240.9 billion by 2027.1

Scaling Up with Precision and Agility

For cloud service providers (CSPs), scaling infrastructure swiftly and with the best web tech is non-negotiable. Whether it’s adding networking resources, servers or storage, CSPs must empower customers with tailored frameworks. A Deloitte study investigated how cloud investments contribute to positive outcomes, finding 90% of respondents “agree or completely agree” with the statement that “cloud, when combined with other technologies like Generative AI, IoT and analytics, serves as ‘force multipliers’ for their digital strategy.”2 This underscores how infrastructure investments by cloud providers bring value to their customers’ technology strategies, business objectives and innovation priorities. This creates a positive impact on driving revenue and maintaining a strong market position.

Seamless Digital Experiences

In our interconnected digital world, users expect seamless experiences, be it streaming content or accessing critical applications. This has spurred the rise of decentralized compute, putting CSPs in the driver’s seat. However, the intricate challenge remains: balancing high availability and reliability for diverse workloads while adhering to sustainability goals and cost considerations.

According to a recent ESG paper, “for infrastructure-and software-as-a-Service providers to remain competitive, they need to ensure that they have the right infrastructure components in place to support rapid scalability for their user base, while ensuring an optimal experience for them as well. Naturally, the effort requires working with infrastructure partners that offer the best technology.”

With its advanced PowerEdge servers and software, Dell Technologies offers a comprehensive solution to hyperscale infrastructure challenges. Having collaborated with thousands of businesses over multiple decades, Dell has identified the five major challenges facing scale-out today:

  1. Efficient cooling solutions. Hyperscale data centers demand massive energy, with cooling systems accounting for 40% of the energy consumption. Dell’s Smart Cooling technology, harnessing air and direct-liquid cooling, slashes energy consumption by up to 50%, resulting in significant cost savings.
  2. Optimized efficiency and budgets. Adaptability is the name of the game, and Dell Technologies offers versatile payment options, including the innovative pay-as-you-go service, enabling resource scalability aligned with consumption fluctuations.
  3. Stronger server security. In an era marked by cyber threats, security is paramount. Dell integrates security by design into PowerEdge Servers, offering a resilient and intelligent technology foundation fortified by hardware-based encryption and advanced threat detection.
  4. Simplified control. Managing proprietary or open networks at scale can be daunting. Dell Technologies empowers hyperscale customers with a suite of comprehensive systems management tools, ensuring streamlined operations, minimal downtime and enhanced quality of service.
  5. Supply chain security. A secure global supply chain is vital. Dell’s supply chain expertise ensures a continuous flow of resources, leading to faster deployment and the capability to meet diverse global requirements.

A Journey to the Future

The complex nature of hyperscale IT environments calls for a holistic approach to scalability, empowering CSPs to remain competitive and adaptable. Partnering with Dell Technologies enables CSPs to harness new capabilities, deliver exceptional services and maintain a trusted position within the growing hyperscale landscape.

Dell is enabling CSPs to unlock the full potential of hyperscale technology, ensuring a seamless digital future for all.  Learn more about how Dell Technologies is transforming hyperscale environments with our PowerEdge Scale Products, including our latest addition to the portfolio: the PowerEdge C6615.

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