7 Reasons to get Networking Certified

In the ever-changing world of business, you constantly need to maintain an edge over the competition. With the successful integration of Force10, Dell makes it easy for you to rule the roost and grow your business by becoming a Preferred or Premier Partner. Make no mistake; the Dell Networking Certification is unlike anything you’ve ever come across before. It offers serious benefits to your business, something you would not want to pass by.

To help you understand the importance of getting Dell Networking Certified, let’s look at the benefits of becoming a Dell Preferred or Premier Partner certified in Networking & Security:

  • Free training: You’re good at what you do, but training can help you become even better. Dell extensively trains you, and the only investment it expects is a minimal part of your time.
  • Good ROI: Dell gives you discounts on products along with great extended deals. This is a benefit exclusively meant for Preferred or Premier Partners. Though the discount may differ from country to country, you get enough and more to benefit from it.
  • Earn Reward points: With the Dell Achievers programme, you can earn reward points for concluding sales; attending trainings; etc. These reward points can be redeemed for great benefits!
  • Get marketing support: You get complete marketing assistance to plan and execute your marketing efforts. Also, the virtual marketing resource aids you in building an effective marketing plan.
  • Increase leads: Usually, business leads don’t come easy. But now thanks to Dell Networking Certification, you’ll be the Partner of choice when it comes to introduction with existing customers.
  • Privileged services: Make the most of Dell’s Partner Experience team. This team helps you with anything and everything – from knowing how to get Certified to providing quick and efficient answers to all your queries.
  • Win over customers: If winning customers over is an art, then the Dell Networking Certification helps you learn it very quickly. With training and support at every step, you’ll be able to maximize opportunities of converting potential clients into actual sales.

In short, becoming a Dell Preferred or Premier Partner certified in Networking is the best way to grow your business. Make the most of this opportunity. Get Networking Certified Now!

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About the Author: Kay Griggs