Accelerate Your Network Across the Finish Line

Don’t step up to the starting line unprepared. Develop winning network solutions with Dell Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab Validation Services.

Anyone who has ever watched a track and field meet knows the relay races at the end of the meet are often the culmination of a long day and a clear display of speed, performance and athletic ability. Much the same, organizations face a sprint to bring the best, most innovative solutions to market to showcase their latest abilities and ultimately achieve business objectives.

However, as an avid runner and former college sprinter, I’m acutely aware that championship relay teams aren’t built overnight. The right runners and natural ability may already exist on the team, but selecting the right combination of runners, determining the most effective order and ensuring the team consistently hits its times and performs well together takes practice. Despite having the right components for an effective relay squad, championship-level teams need more. Proper facilities, the latest equipment and skilled coaches are critical to push athletes to perform well and refine their skills so they can reach their maximum potential. There will inevitably be failures, maybe even a dropped baton or two, but with the right support system in place, the team can be coached for success.

Performance of the Year

Believe it or not, the trials you’re facing as a telecom operator to modernize your network for 5G are not all that different. Disaggregation as a result of the shift toward 5G brings significant opportunities for your business. Adopting these innovative solutions will enable you to deliver more value to your end users at a lower cost. You have the ability to integrate best-of-breed hardware and software that fit the needs of your network to drive new revenue streams and scale service delivery faster. The option to choose each specific component provides significant opportunities to achieve winning solutions at scale.

However, implementing these new solutions is not as easy as stepping up to the starting line. There is significant preparation required to integrate multivendor components, increase interoperability to ensure they’re compatible with one another, avoid penalties through compliance with industry standards and minimize the impact of downtime and repair costs. No one plans on dropping the baton, but it can be the unfortunate reality of even the best teams without enough practice.

Championship-ready Solutions

Similar to assembling a championship-caliber relay team, your network has what it takes to win, but it needs more to achieve the best outcomes possible. Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab Validation Services enables you to build the winning solutions your business needs now and for many seasons to come. With state-of-the-art lab facilities, modern Telecom DevOps tools to enable innovation at scale and specialized expertise, your network can achieve new levels of performance and innovation at scale.

We provide functional, performance, load testing and validation services for your 5G infrastructure in an agile, repeatable setting. This allows you to practice and evaluate various combinations and feel confident your solutions will perform optimally when implemented into your environment

Rigorous testing is critical to facilitate an efficient, successful network rollout. Lab Validation Services enables this by uncovering issues early in the lifecycle, so refinements can be made and save you the time and expense of fixing detrimental issues in a live network. It includes comprehensive analysis against unique KPIs you’ve set to benchmark the effectiveness of your solutions and optimize as needed to enhance solution development and ensure 5G infrastructure meets industry standards.

Program Built for Success

Perhaps one of Dell Technologies’ biggest assets is our Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL). It provides the optimal environment for success: a secure, open and collaborative facility with the equipment and expertise to harbor innovation and drive integrated solutions. It contains the industry’s most cutting-edge tools tailored specifically for telecom use cases, including the Solution Integration Platform that serves as the backbone to our lab engagements. It uses the latest DevOps techniques to conduct continuous integration, testing and validation and automate workflows to run on any test environment.

We also provide the ability to extend the value of OTEL into your own lab with hybrid lab connectivity, which enables remote access from your lab to OTEL so you can leverage our advanced tools, expert staff and automated processes to augment your existing lab environments.

As with any winning program, a skilled and strategic staff is a key part of establishing long-term success. With Lab Validation Services, our expert lab engineers take a consultative approach through end-to-end collaboration for the duration of the lab services to drive your business outcomes. You’re not in this alone. Our lab experts coach your engagement with rigorous testing and performance engineering to ensure solutions consistently hit the interoperability mark – making refinements when they’re off track – and continuously optimize full-stack development to push solutions to perform at their very best.

Dell Technologies Services enables confidence in your network’s ability to run effectively on the big day. You’ve done the work, and your network is primed for success. We’ve tested and optimized multivendor solutions for peak performance, and with expert guidance and validation you know what to consistently expect. Accelerate your time to market, reduce risk and deliver new value to your business with winning solutions in the open telecom ecosystem.

Melissa Beaupre

About the Author: Melissa Beaupre

Melissa Beaupre leads marketing for Dell Technologies Services telecommunications portfolio. In this role, she is responsible for offer and portfolio messaging, while re-imagining the way services can deliver value to telecom operators. She enjoys connecting the dots to help customers solve complex challenges with simple solutions and get the most out of their technology. Melissa has had various roles across the global marketing organization over several years at Dell Technologies. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and currently lives in Boston, MA.