An exciting industry transformation driven by our customers

We are at one of the most exciting junctures in the IT infrastructure journey. Industry transition continues where software replaces hardware to help companies lower IT costs, get to market faster, and deliver new digital capabilities. Servers were first, storage and networking are next, going from physical to virtual to software-defined!

If it is an exciting time in the IT infrastructure journey, it’s an even more exciting time for Dell. Dell is in an industry leading position to deliver server-centric, software-defined systems to automate and simplify IT. Dell’s IT vision will be led by the customer, defined by software, accelerated by hardware, and standards driven for value and choice for our customers no matter where they start or what workloads they are seeking to run.

Our conversations with customers are centered on workloads; delivering increased business capability while managing data growth. Customers will run and manage different solutions, from storage in the server to traditional storage arrays to software defined systems, all to service specific workloads in their data centers. Our answer is to help customers take an approach that balances current and new IT. Make current IT more efficient, and deliver new IT faster – all while making technology simpler and easier to use than anyone else. Customers, not vendors, will define when and where they see value to spend time and money to transform infrastructure, operations and applications.

Dell has the most comprehensive strategy and capabilities for enabling customer migration to the software defined enterprise. We are accelerating the integration of our storage portfolio to a single storage architecture with the best features and economics bar none. On the path to make current IT more efficient, we will continue to drive best-in-class automation, management and data placement into the software-defined storage space. We understand the importance of new IT and have the strongest ecosystem of technology partners in the industry, delivering new capabilities through a software-defined framework. These partners include some of the leading hypervisor vendors and open source vendors.

Today’s announcement with Nutanix is a significant proof point of our vision and ability to leverage a strong ecosystem to offer choice and flexibility for customers. There’s a rapidly growing opportunity for advanced converged infrastructure solutions, and Nutanix’s market-leading and differentiated, software-driven solution fits perfectly with Dell’s customer-driven approach and desire to redefine datacenter economics. In teaming with Nutanix, we will bring to market a new series of converged infrastructure appliances built on Dell servers and powered by Nutanix software. The new appliances will provide a simple and efficient IT infrastructure to datacenter, virtualization and storage teams in mid- and large-sized enterprises. By combining market-leading technologies from both companies, and Dell’s world-class go-to-market capabilities, we plan to disrupt a growing, multi-billion dollar market.

It’s all about customers and we will continue to focus on providing a choice of offerings for varying customer-preferred approaches to IT. Today, we offer the broadest set of solutions and options for customer seeking innovative storage technologies, to deliver faster time to results and cost efficient solutions while maximize existing investment and preserving choice.

About the Author: Alan Atkinson