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Over 7,000 entries and 1 million votes later, the judges have spoken and selected the winners from the top 150 submissions with the most votes.  Thanks to the Facebook graffiti community for making this contest a success.

And now, without further ado, the winners:

Best Overall:
Sarwar Z. Khan (Montreal, QC, Canada)

Most Creative:
Mysha Mys Yoosuf (Maldives)

Best Landscape:
Lisa Guo (Coral Gables, FL, USA)

Best Use of Animal Life:
Christian Strömqvist (Sweden)

Best Use of Plant Life:
Rose Peng (Atlanta, GA, USA)

Most Inspiring:
John Calder (Kelowna, BC, Canada)

Congratulations to all our winners.  From the amount of participation and care that went into the entries, you could really tell that this was more than just a contest, but that people were genuinely behind the cause.

What are your impressions of the contest and the ReGeneration movement?  While you’re here, we’d love to have you join (click on “Join Up” to become part of the movement). You can also leave a comment by clicking the link that says “Full Story” and posting your thoughts in the box at the bottom.

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Topics in this article