Announcing the Evergreen Joint Innovation Center–Powering the Future for eBay

Today, we announced the opening of our Evergreen Joint Innovation Center, located in Austin. The work in the new innovation center is focused on the development of future hyperscale data center solutions for eBay.

Earlier this year, eBay released details of its breakthrough approach to analyze the efficiency of its data centers through metrics critical to the company’s overall business. The new methodology, called Digital Service Efficiency (DSE), provides a complete view of infrastructure performance in the data center and how it directly impacts business outcomes is a leap forward in data center measurement and transparency. By leveraging DSE best practices, organizations can proactively tune their data centers to help ensure they drive business outcomes in the most effective way possible. The innovation center will enable Dell and eBay to investigate every aspect of the data center – from the CPU to cooling methodologies – in order to solve efficiency challenges and uncover new opportunities for optimization.

Forrest Norrod, VP and GM of Dell Server Solutions and Dean Nelson, VP of Global Foundation Services at eBay cut the ribbon at the opening of the Evergreen Joint Innovation Center

Our Data Center Solutions business was created with a vision for the future – to meet the unique needs of an emerging new customer set – and now, working together with eBay, we’re pushing into even greater levels of innovation to develop the next-generation hyperscale data center. The Evergreen Joint Innovation Center will allow Dell and eBay to have that kind of intimate engineering engagement. eBay and DCS will work together to explore next-generation engineering concepts and technology development to help further eBay’s data center efficiency and drive advancements in the industry. In providing secure physical access and isolated network access, this work can all take place using eBay’s application. 

Our partnership with eBay demonstrates our shared commitment to use innovation to help customers improve the efficiency of the data center in ways that have a meaningful impact on a business’ bottom line. It also demonstrates Dell’s commitment to continue leading in the hyperscale market via a model that is based upon customer-centric solutions.

About the Author: Tracy Davis