APEX Cloud Services for All Your Essential Workloads

Integrated compute, storage, and networking resources for workloads across private and public cloud.

Organizations today are reliant on multiple cloud environments. Their ability to deliver technology that meets their business needs requires embracing cloud-based solutions across public, private and edge locations.

Customers tell us they opted for public cloud environments because it offered self-service capabilities, agility, and developer-ready tools. Many of them embraced public cloud early on but have realized the limitations and come to understand the security, compliance, and performance benefits that private cloud environments uniquely offer. Customers are now looking for the best of both worlds. The simplicity and agility of managing their entire IT infrastructure while being in complete control of their resources. They also want consistent operations, the advantages of modern commerce experiences, and resources delivered as-a-Service. For those customers, hybrid cloud is a compelling solution to help maximize operational efficiencies while minimizing costs and risk.

With Dell Technologies APEX, we are excited to announce a turnkey portfolio of cloud services that radically simplifies the cloud experience for our customers.

Introducing Dell Technologies APEX Cloud Services

The vision of APEX is to drastically simplify the IT experience around infrastructure. Dell Technologies Cloud Platform (DTCP) embodies the APEX vision for simplicity, agility and control and has now been rebranded APEX Cloud Services. The portfolio offers a single platform for cloud native and traditional applications, with industry-leading deployment speed, consumption and commerce flexibility, VMware integration, and infrastructure designed for your enterprise workloads. With secure and consistent infrastructure across private and public clouds, customers can reduce operational costs and ensure workloads are placed in the best environment.

Customers can choose between a simple cloud deployment with APEX Private Cloud or a hybrid cloud deployment with APEX Hybrid Cloud that can be extended to public cloud partners, all delivered and ordered via the APEX Console. They can also choose how they deploy these solutions, across on-premises or at a co-location facility leveraging 1- or 3- year term subscriptions.

Simplify your IT experience across multiple clouds

Far too often, enterprise customers must go through a long, manual process to find, assemble, and purchase infrastructure solutions by negotiating with sales representatives from different vendors. This adds a layer of complexity that is mostly abstracted in the cloud world.

To simplify our customers’ experiences and help them choose the right infrastructure services, APEX Hybrid Cloud and APEX Private Cloud offers are centered around instance-based configurations. These instances can be ordered in a self-service manner via the APEX Console, and instance types are designed to match our customer’s essential workloads. Instances can be ordered in quantities of 25, 50, 100, 200, and 500. They can also be added together to run a larger quantity of instances of the same type or can be mixed and matched to support a variety of workloads within the same solution.

Workload Examples for Dell Technologies APEX

For example, using APEX Hybrid Cloud as a foundation, customers can select Accelerator Optimized Instances to extend workloads, such as VDI to deploy virtual workspaces, and get up and running quickly to deliver a modern workplace for employees, fast. Similarly, while standing up database application servers using General Purpose Instances, customers can drive their business outcomes without worrying about the resources they need for these workloads.

Rapidly respond to changing business needs

APEX Cloud Services deliver a fast path to either hybrid or private cloud, supporting both cloud-native and traditional workloads. Choosing either vSphere with Tanzu or VMware Cloud Foundation with Tanzu, traditional and container-based apps can be hosted and managed on the same infrastructure that helps accelerate innovation and allows unparalleled flexibility for developers. Using the APEX Console, customers can see their monthly pricing and monitor their costs real-time. They can subsequently make the right decisions to align their cloud costs to their unique business needs. With just a few clicks, customers can browse a catalog of cloud products and services and have a cloud solution deployed and delivered in their data center or co-location facility in as few as 14 days¹. As your business needs grow and you need to scale up, you can quickly configure additional cloud resources in the APEX Console and have them up and running in as few as 5 days.

With APEX Cloud Services, you get the industry’s fastest hybrid or private cloud deployment.

Be in complete control of your business  

Finally, we understand how customers need to plan and love having more predictable IT costs. We have set out to provide exactly that by making it easy for customers to consume these cloud offers via a single, predictable monthly subscription price that includes all hardware, software, and service components including software upgrades, proactive monitoring, issue detection, system maintenance and more.

We also understand that customers have unique regulatory, performance and compliance needs for their business. With the right security and service levels, APEX Cloud Services allows you to exercise new levels of control over your clouds to ensure that workloads are running in the proper environment based on your application and business needs. Automated lifecycle management for the entire cloud infrastructure also delivers simplified and streamlined operations.

APEX Cloud Services brings the power of cloud wherever it is needed.

Power emerging use cases

From artificial intelligence apps that require ultra-low latency data processing to virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) that powers your remote workforce – whatever your use case is, APEX Cloud Services provides the right mix of compute and storage resources to drive positive outcomes.

Example: Running Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with APEX Hybrid Cloud

In a recent VDI performance test, running VMware Horizon on APEX Hybrid Cloud resulted in:

  • VDI user experience up to 2.5x better than Amazon WorkSpaces²
  • No loss of productivity compared to an average loss of up to 2.97 hours productivity per week on Amazon WorkSpaces on AWS³
  • ​Outperformed Amazon Workspaces on AWS for average application latency on Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Zoom³

Example: Manufacturing Edge Solutions with APEX Private Cloud

Extending APEX Private Cloud to edge environments, we have created a manufacturing edge solution in collaboration with industrial software market leader – Parametric Technology Corp (PTC). This helps manufacturing companies to:

  • Modernize their industrial operations
  • Maximize their production potential with tracking and performance analytics
  • Optimize performance by preventing downtime

This is just the start of how Dell Technologies can help customers use the edge to drive business value!

APEX Hybrid Cloud and APEX Private Cloud are available now to customers based in the US, UK, France, and Germany. To learn more about APEX Cloud Services please visit the APEX Cloud Services webpage or call your sales rep to get started today.


¹ Applies to select preconfigured solutions, contact your sales representative for details. Excludes orders over 1000 instances, hybrid storage, select vRealize (vRA, vRO) components, and some other features. Customer credit approval, site survey and configuration workbook must be completed before order is placed. Product availability, shipping, holidays and other factors may impact deployment time. Deployment includes delivery, standardized installation and hardware and software configuration. US, United Kingdom, France and Germany only.

² Based on a Cloud Evolutions report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Virtual Desktop Performance and User Experience Comparison: A Comparison of Horizon on APEX Hybrid Cloud, Amazon WorkSpaces on AWS, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure,” based on sessions reporting a 90% or greater user experience ranking using Lakeside SysTrack to simulate remote end user experience; using SysTrack to evaluate the productivity impact of remote worker sessions; and using SysTrack to simulate Zoom collaborative applications, November 2020. Actual results may vary. See full report here.

³Based on a Cloud Evolutions report commissioned by Dell Technologies, “Virtual Desktop Performance and User Experience Comparison: A Comparison of Horizon on APEX Hybrid Cloud, Amazon WorkSpaces on AWS, and Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure,” using Lakeside SysTrack to evaluate the productivity impact of remote worker sessions, November 2020. Actual results may vary. See full report here.


About the Author: Shivani Agarwal

Shivani Agarwal is a Sr. Consultant with the APEX Cloud Services product marketing team, where she works to highlight the unique benefits of Dell’s cloud portfolio. In her role, Shivani enjoys learning about how cloud technologies are helping solve real world challenges. Prior to this role, Shivani spent three years with the Services CoC at Dell as a HCI PLM and Market Intelligence lead for North America. She joined Dell in the spring of 2016 and has over 15 years of global experience in product marketing and product management. Shivani holds an MBA from Penn State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from University of Madras.