Because One Size Does Not Fit All—Dell’s Latitude 2100 Touch Screen Notebook

The education market has embraced netbooks in recent months mainly because of their affordable price points and ability to run basic software applications that students and teachers are using in the classroom. However, these netbooks were designed for the general public – not for students.

Today, we are launching the Latitude 2100 netbook and related services for schools, a packaged “connected classroom” solution designed specifically for primary/secondary education. This solution is a textbook example (excuse the pun) of what marketing is all about; a highly differentiated solution that offers great value to a very specific customer set. Dell worked with educators and designed technology solutions specifically built for education.

So why all the excitement? By designing the total experience, Dell offers a new learning environment that increases the time for learning versus managing technology. Simply put, the Latitude 2100 was designed for students and its features fully support that claim – features that include a rubberized case for easier handling, a touchscreen option, clean vent-free bottom, optional carrying handle or shoulder strap, and an keyboard with optional antimicrobial protection.

In addition to these features, it includes Wi-Fi and an optional webcam to help students stay connected. Another innovation in this product is the network activity lights that help the teachers monitor network connectivity from while standing in front of the classroom. Perhaps most important feature of all – this offering is backed by business-class services unlike many netbooks in the market today.

See Lionel’s post for more of the specs behind the Latitude 2100.

Because one size does not fit all – especially when you are dealing with our childrens’ future and their preparation for a connected and digital world. Dell has taken a giant leap in educational technology and delivered a netbook solution that stands out from the crowd.

Please check out the video below and see why we believe Dell delivers the most complete package of primary/secondary education features of any solution in the market today.

About the Author: Enrique Tapia