Now Live!

Last month, Dell OEM Solutions launched the "Build My Bezel" site where companies can build custom bezels and play with the different OEM customization levels. 

OEMs have custom branding requests ranging from simply removing the Dell logo and adding their own company logo to completely changing the face with addition badges, colors, grid holes, and more.  The first version of the site focuses on the OEM Express and OEM Plus customization levels using an R710 bezel. Dell OEM Solutions does provide more advanced customization and a wider range of servers. 

Potential and current customers must go through the regular OEM sales channels to purchase custom bezels. Connect with Dell OEM on twitter and linkedin to keep updated on the latest news from our team.

If you have any questions or feedback about our new custom bezel tool, please let us know in the comments or email us directly. 

About the Author: Samantha Needham