CIO Oasis at EMC World 2013


While Las Vegas is known for its bright lights, vibrant atmosphere and clattering casinosounds, I was most enamored and impressed with the energy and enthusiasm at my very first EMC World conference.

I spent my first 120 days with the company drinking from the proverbial fire hose – getting to know the company’s employees, business units and products and services.  However, I was equally inspired by the unvarnished conversations I had with the more than 70 CIOs attending EMC’s CIO Summit at EMC World.

As a former EMC outsider and host of the Summit, I understand and empathize with the challenges and opportunities facing CIOs today.  After all, I have walked a mile (or two) in their shoes as a CIO over the last 20 years.  Sure, there was excitement around the latest product news during the conference, but a lot of our conversations revolved around how we, as CIOs, should approach the 3rd platform, defined by IDC as the next-generation compute platform comprised of mobile, cloud, big data and social media.

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About the Author: Vic Bhagat