Compete with “Big Public Cloud” …and Win!

You’ve delivered added value to your customers through services, relationship building, and consulting. Yet, you may feel like David to the Goliath of “Big Public Cloud” service providers.

In the story, David bested Goliath with a single stone. And, you too have that one “stone” needed to win against your Goliath … It’s called personalized service.

No Big Cloud provider can bring all of the value that you passionately deliver to your customers.

Your customers depend on you, and you’ve proven time and time again that their companies’ life blood—data—is safe with you. But, until recently, the infrastructure you’ve supported them with hasn’t been able to compete with the public cloud.

I’ve heard many partners talk how they were able meet their customers’ traditional storage needs with no problem, but sacrificed the cloud piece of business to a large public provider because they felt that they either didn’t have the right equipment, expertise, or thought they couldn’t compete with the cost per GB offered by a Big Public Cloud provider.

This is a tragedy.

Why? Well, according to IDC, unstructured cloud workloads will make up 80% of storage by 2017[1]. Cloud storage continues to grow while traditional storage declines. As a result, partners who deliver cloud storage service will capture this exploding piece of the storage business.

Make sure you’re one of them.

Why you should compete against Big Public Cloud

…And, how partners like you leverage—and win with—EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

Becoming a Cloud Service Provider is profitable and sticky

It’s no secret that if you’re currently delivering good service to your customers, you will be the first one they call to host new workloads in the cloud. Be prepared to quote a solution that can deliver cloud scale economics with the “self-service” ease associated with certain Big Public Cloud providers.

As an EMC Partner, you have access to a tool that will empower you to offer competing cloud services:  ECS (Elastic Cloud Service) Appliance. ECS Appliance is a cloud scale object storage that allows you to offer “public cloud” services—but with increased availability and the value of on premise storage with a trusted partner.

Big Public Cloud simply can’t compete with that peace of mind. In fact, as the Big Public Cloud empire expands, many customers find that their status as “just a number” comes with major disadvantages. For example, check out AWS outage knocks Amazon, Netflix, Tinder and IMDb in MEGA data collapse” from the September 20, 2015 edition of The Register.

Cloud Service Providers that deploy ECS see a boost in profitability because their cost per GB decreases as the amount of cloud storage sold to customers increases. You can profitably compete with Big Public Cloud and offer your customers a competitive price. In fact, ECS delivers more than 68% in cost saving over other Big Cloud service providers (2 Petabytes of storage, three site ECS installation).

What’s more … ECS Appliance solutions start at 144TB and scale to 2.9 Petabytes in a single rack. This enables you to start your cloud service business small, but have the ability to offer your customers unlimited cloud storage as their business needs dictate.

They’re your customers … Offer them services they need

Your customers know that they need to leverage the cloud to compete in today’s markets. Popular modern cloud workloads include:

  • Global content storage and distribution
  • Tiering and Cold Archive of data from more expensive NAS storage
  • Development of “Modern” born-in-the cloud applications
  • Large scale unstructured storage for IoT (Internet of Things) Applications
  • Analytics (e.g., Hadoop)

ECS also supports Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift, and requires no modification to the application.

Yes, your current storage talent can easily manage ECS

OK, so you’re interested in becoming a Cloud Service Provider, but can you do it with your current talent?


EMC ECS Appliance:

  • Deploys in a couple of days and is simple to manage
  • Is a robust multi-tenant environment that provides you with powerful tools and dashboards to manage your customers cloud storage
  • Requires no specialized skills or cloud/object storage expertise to manage.

What about open source options?

While many open source options exist, it’s important to understand know that you’ll be building the solution from a “LegoTM” kit.


  • Is a turnkey solution fully supported by EMC’s Global Service network enabling you to save time, money and headaches
  • Allows you to confidently compete with Big Public Cloud because you don’t have to play the role of an integrator
  • Enables you to focus on value added services, not troubleshooting open source compatibility with various hardware combinations

Get started with EMC ECS today!

  1. Learn more about EMC Elastic Cloud Storage – Arm yourself with the tools and information needed to compete with and win against Big Public Cloud.
  2. Download the free EMC Elastic Cloud Storage Software – Experience what ECS can do for your customers and check out the simple-to-use, fully-functional dashboards for management, chargeback and metering.
  3. Identify an anchor customer, market your cloud service for multiple workloads – ECS’s cloud scale economics are really significant in the Petabyte range. Many partners identify an existing customer that becomes an anchor tenant for their cloud service line of business—typically, a customer with cloud storage needs in excess of 1 Petabyte. As ECS storage increases, your costs decrease—once you have an anchor tenant, it’s easy to sign up smaller tenants and build critical mass.
  4. Visit the ECS Appliance Sales Enablement Center to access all the ECS sales resources available to help you win.

[1] Source: 2014 IDC Research “Structured Versus Unstructured Data: The Balance of Power Continues to Shift” by Ashish Nadkarni Natalya Yezhkova

About the Author: Neil Salamack