Fit Anywhere & Compute Everywhere Even at the Tightest Edge

We previously discussed the huge shift towards edge computing, with data processing close to where it’s created, versus the traditional data center. The reasons? Cost, speed and the sheer number of connected devices. These factors combined make it impractical to move huge volumes of data to the cloud.

Space-saving design with zero footprint

Given this new dynamic, what do OEM users need at the edge in terms of compute? Power is a given, but a small form factor is also critical, as space is usually at a premium. And of course, these two requirements are no longer mutually exclusive options. As a case in point, I’m delighted to welcome the world’s most flexible, modular, zero-footprint PC to our line-up of diminutive yet powerful systems.

Good things come in small packages

Meet our latest, little beauty, the Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra, offering innovative design for compute, even at the tightest edge. Think tiny, powerful, space-saving, and clutter-free; as well as flexible, allowing for placement in tight corners. Despite the Ultra’s tiny size, you can also configure, expand and upgrade it as needed throughout the product lifecycle.

Ideal for OEMs

One question you might ask is, how does this fit into our portfolio? As head of our OEM Product Group, I see the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra as the perfect complement to our existing and hugely successful gateways and embedded PC range. This is yet another great option for OEM customers, who cannot afford to compromise on performance, but who need to operate in the smallest and tightest of spaces.

Size matters

In what scenario, might this product be used? Our gateways and embedded PCs are rugged and ideal for challenging environments, for instance, on the side of a roof or embedded in a cabinet on the manufacturing floor. In contrast, this product doesn’t offer extended operating temperatures, but is ideal for certain OEM customers, those who might need to run large digital signage in air-conditioned environments, at airports, in kiosks or on the shop floor in retail. We’re also seeing huge interest from medical device customers.

Packing a punch

Despite its size, the Ultra packs a mighty punch. You get performance and scalability to match your OEM customers’ needs, up to Intel® Core™ vPro™ i7 processors, 64GB of RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD and 2TB HDD.

The Ultra can fit into a custom monitor stand to create an all-in-one PC that supports a broad range of monitors. If you opt for the monitor stand, it comes complete with physical security options, designed to protect against tampering. However, a special mounting kit is available as a customized option for OEM customers, who, I know, from experience are likely to have creative ideas and want to mount the PC in all sorts of unusual spaces!

Display options

If using the monitor stand, the Ultra supports up to three displays from 19 to 27 inches. Without the stand, there are no limitations on monitor size. While a VESA bracket is available, we can also design bespoke mounting brackets to match your requirements as part of the customization process.

Power, data, video and audio are transmitted in one single cable when the Ultra is paired with Dell USB-C enabled monitors. The system is also enabled for remote power button and remote antenna as a custom configuration for embedded applications.

Decreased footprint with increased flexibility

In summary, this is a unique and compact beauty that refuses to compromise on power or flexibility. The ability to independently and fully upgrade elements means any space can be customized to fit your needs, on your own terms. That’s certainly music to the ears of our OEM customers. Think of it as the desktop you didn’t expect!

Now available globally!

What’s your reaction to the OptiPlex 7070 Ultra? As an OEM partner or customer, do you have ideas about how and where you might use this product? Do share your thoughts and questions. We’d love to hear from you!

Watch our video about the Dell OptiPlex 7070 Ultra here or learn more here.

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About the Author: Tracy Troyer

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