Cybera Makes a Strong Case for Accelerating Your IT Refresh Cycle

This is the story of how a well-established and respected managed network services provider decided on an aggressive, business-bolstering 3-year server refresh cycle.

We take it for granted that our experience at the gas station, grocery store, bank, or doctor’s office always offers fast, easy, and secure transactions, as well as readily available inventory and immediate updates to loyalty points. Ever wonder how merchants offer this seamless experience?

Chances are the merchant you visit depends on Cybera cloud-based managed network services for their applications, security, and PCI compliance. In turn, the Cybera services rely on PowerEdge servers for a competitive edge. Here’s a deeper look at the role PowerEdge plays in Cybera’s winning strategy, and how an accelerated IT refresh schedule helps keep their customers satisfied and their business at the forefront of technology.

Let’s start at the beginning…

Who is Cybera?

Cybera fundamentally changes the way highly distributed businesses use technology. The purpose-built cloud platform empowers customers to rapidly deploy, secure, and optimize new cloud-based applications and services, especially at the edge of the network (such as remote sites or individual IoT devices). This approach helps ensure security and performance while reducing the cost, disruption, and complexity of delivering new applications and services across globally distributed enterprises.

With Cybera, companies can operate with greater agility across their entire application ecosystems—leveraging technology that frees them up to focus on what they do best. The approach is ideal for loyalty programs, omni-channel strategies, compliance, IoT deployment, payment processing, and back-office applications across hundreds or even thousands of remote sites.

Cybera delivers these cloud-based services using a software-defined solution running on Dell PowerEdge servers and VMware vSphere. To keep up with customer and market demands, Cybera has adopted an aggressive 3-year refresh cycle to deliver the advanced levels of performance and agility their customers have come to expect.

Why Dell PowerEdge

We have a wave, and we’ve got to stay in front of it … A 5-year depreciation cycle isn’t going to work. A more aggressive 3-year refresh is best for our cloud strategy. Customers have growing challenges and pain points that they need to have addressed. PowerEdge servers sit at the heart of our cloud services.

Troy Crabtree, Cybera Executive Vice President of Operations

Cybera recognized a growing need to change their infrastructure strategy to support their customers’ rapidly expanding business requirements. This meant transitioning to become a more nimble and agile enterprise backed by a software-defined data center. Choosing PowerEdge servers to upgrade their cloud-based platform, Cybera accelerated their server refresh cycles to support the shift from a static and inflexible architecture to one that is increasingly scalable, automated, and secure. The new architecture is the next step in Cybera’s evolution to deliver IT as a service to customers across the globe in markets as diverse as petroleum, hospitality, and healthcare.

PowerEdge servers have helped the company maximize performance and scalability without sacrificing security, helping them to reduce unplanned downtime by as much as 40% and decrease application errors by 30%. Those capabilities are already paying dividends since Cybera runs a virtualized environment with several thousand virtual machines using VMware vSphere. In particular, vSphere enables rapid provisioning of apps at remote locations and provides enhanced visibility across multiple apps to simplify compliance.

Dell Technologies has been a trusted partner of Cybera for more than a decade. For the recent accelerated server refresh, the company completed a thorough analysis before choosing the latest generation of PowerEdge servers and VMware.

Cybera CEO Andrew Lev puts it best,

The performance that’s required for our target market is very high. Our customers may not know that Dell is there, but we sure do.

Check out our video with Cybera or read the case study to see how their deployment of Dell PowerEdge servers with VMware helps fuel their rapid growth.

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About the Author: Nettie Olsen

Nettie Olsen is a Dell EMC customer advocate with over 20 years in the technology and telecom industry. She is passionate about new technology, sharing customers’ IT transformation stories, and understanding their expectations and goals. She is currently building the global Customer Success program as part of the Server Product Marketing team, and loves the passion around customer advocacy found at Dell EMC from all areas of the organization. She has an MBA from Thunderbird School of International Management and lives in the Dallas/Ft Worth area with her husband and dog. In her spare time, she attempts to learn the art of dressage.