Dell’s AI Infrastructure Makes Waves in Forrester Report

Dell Technologies is recognized as a Leader in The Forrester Wave: AI Infrastructure Solutions, Q1 2024.

Dell is excited to announce its recognition as a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: AI Infrastructure Solutions, Q1 2024. We believe this recognition highlights Dell’s pivotal role as a modern infrastructure provider, helping customers simplify, streamline and safeguard their AI adoption within the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence.

A Look Inside the Forrester Wave

For those unfamiliar, The Forrester Wave assesses the strengths and weaknesses of key players in tech markets like AI infrastructure, evaluating vendors based on specific criteria. In The Forrester Wave™: AI Infrastructure Solutions, Q1 2024, Forrester stressed the importance of platforms optimized for generative AI (GenAI) workloads, with a focus on data prep, model training and model inferencing.

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The Results Are In: Dell a Leader in AI Infrastructure

The Forrester Wave evaluated the 12 AI infrastructure providers that matter most based on their current offerings, strategy and market presence. Here’s why Dell was recognized as a Leader:

Current offering. Dell received the highest scores possible in the criteria of architecture, configuration and training. Forrester acknowledges the complexities of running diverse AI workloads for organizations, yet Dell is dedicated to simplifying this with our “meaty” reference architectures. The Forrester report also cited Dell’s extensive portfolio, including our acceleration-optimized PowerEdge Servers and the wide range of storage solutions Dell offers, such as PowerFlex, PowerScale and more.

Strategy. Dell achieved the highest scores possible in the vision, partner ecosystem and supporting services and offerings criteria. The report states, “Dell’s superior vision is to offer the quickest, most integrated solution to enterprises for on-premises and colocation deployments.” The report also states, “Reference customers appreciate Dell’s exceptional level of service in quickly designing custom AI infrastructure that integrates with its existing IT infrastructure.”

Market presence. Dell’s significant market presence stems from its global reach and extensive customer base. According to the Forrester report, “Dell is a good fit for enterprises that wish to deploy on-premises or at a colocation [facility] and want an ongoing partnership to smoothly evolve AI infrastructure as demand increases.”

Accelerating AI Workloads: Dell Powering the Future of AI Infrastructure

AI is transforming how we work and innovate. Organizations need the right data, strategy, technology and tools to take proof of concept to proof of productivity. They need the path to be simple, have control over their models and maintain their data sovereignty. Dell makes this a reality by bringing AI to the data. Here’s how:

Easy button for the enterprise. Dell drives end-to-end GenAI outcomes by providing comprehensive solutions for IT and data scientists to apply AI and boost productivity. By helping customers right-size their models for specific use cases and applications, and ensuring seamless integration across the AI stack, Dell amplifies the value from AI deployments. Whether it’s workstations, edge, core or cloud, Dell delivers a consistent experience yielding positive outcomes, regardless of data growth or diversity. Bringing Dell AI solutions to the data results in more efficient and effective models, reduced costs and energy savings.

The latest example of Dell’s continuing AI innovation and end-to-end outcomes is the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA. Announced just this week, the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA is the industry’s first comprehensive, turnkey AI solution designed to address the complex needs of enterprises seeking to leverage AI. It integrates Dell’s compute, storage, networking, client devices and software capabilities with NVIDIA’s AI infrastructure and software suite. The Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA supports a wide range of AI use cases and applications, and also offers enterprise-grade professional services to accelerate AI adoption. Additionally, it is available through Dell APEX subscriptions, providing pay-as-you-go flexibility. Learn more about the Dell AI Factory with NVIDIA here.

Broadest GenAI solutions and services portfolio. Dell boasts the world’s broadest AI solutions portfolio from desktop to data center to cloud.¹ With a diverse silicon lineup including NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm and Intel, we offer versatile and powerful solutions for advanced AI applications. Our GenAI solutions are purpose-built for AI use cases, enhancing time-to-value and mitigating AI adoption risks. For example, Dell Generative AI Solutions with NVIDIA provide customers with integrated, turnkey solutions that are validated to support all aspects of the GenAI lifecycle, from model training and tuning to inferencing and retrieval augmented generation (RAG). In comparison to public cloud alternatives, Dell AI solutions provide superior control over data and who can use it.

Broad, open ecosystem of partners. As a strategic integrator across the AI stack, Dell has built a broad, open ecosystem of independent software vendors (ISVs) and diverse AI models. This ecosystem encompasses both commercial and open-source developer tools, offering complete flexibility to meet any need. We collaborate with AI leaders like NVIDIA, AMD, Hugging Face, Meta, Starburst and a wide array of partners spanning colocation, silicon vendors and global systems integrators. Our commitment extends to providing support for software models and machine learning frameworks, as well as access to an extensive data analytics toolbox. This comprehensive approach is designed to streamline any AI journey, minimize risks and expedite GenAI onboarding for our customers.

Level Up Your AI with Dell

Dell AI solutions are tailored for the most essential AI use cases, with leading infrastructure from the desktop to the data center to the cloud. By bringing AI to our customers’ data, we drive efficiency while ensuring robust data security and control. Right-sizing models to each customer’s unique needs not only trims costs but also reduces energy consumption. Our expert services, open partner ecosystem and Dell GenAI solutions promise smooth AI integration with minimized risk, setting us apart in the industry.

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1 Based on Dell analysis, March 2024. Dell Technologies offers hardware solutions engineered to support AI workloads from Workstations PCs (mobile and fixed) to Servers for High-performance Computing, Data Storage, Cloud Native Software-Defined Infrastructure, Networking Switches, Data Protection, HCI and Services.

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