Dell announces the completion of its acquisition of Make Technologies

Today Dell announced the completion of the acquisition of Make Technologies. Make Technologies is a leading global provider of applications modernization software and services that reduces the cost, risk and time required to re-engineer applications. 

Make Technologies expands our re-engineering solutions to help customers migrate legacy applications and the data behind them in the least amount of time with the lowest risk.

Specifically it—

  • Reduces cost of maintaining and managing legacy applications
  • Enables business agility and business process efficiency by re-engineering applications to better align with our customer business strategy
  • Drastically reduces the amount of custom code in legacy portfolios, while protecting the legacy information of the business functions it supports

Application modernization is a key consideration for many customers, especially in the face of maintaining and managing ageing legacy applications as well as the shortage of skills to support these environments. When we announced our intent to acquire Make Technologies early last month, I had spoken in my blog about the establishment of application modernization as the flagship proposition for the Applications and BPO organization.

Dell Services’ acquisition of Clerity Solutions combined with Make Technologies will allow us to significantly augment our applications expertise for our customers’ modernization needs—from re-hosting to application re-engineering.  Clerity Solutions gave Dell Services the ability to cost effectively migration legacy applications from proprietor architecture to an open standards-based platform. With Make Technologies, Dell Services has enhanced capabilities for application re-engineering solutions.

Dell Services is committed to developing and investing in innovative solutions that deliver greater value and better outcomes for customers. Applications modernization will allow us to help our customers move to the future, rather than manage their past better. The twin acquisitions of Clerity and Make Technologies  is an important step in building the best possible portfolio of applications modernization capabilities; it also positions Dell as an end-to-end, highest quality provider of applications transformation solutions.

About the Author: Suresh Vaswani