Dell Awarded for Top CSR Program in China

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Note from Lionel: Below is a post that recently appeared on the Direct2Dell Chinese blog. Moving forward, I hope to share post from other regions of the world. Dell was recently recognized as one of a handful of companies to be called out as one of China’s Best CSR programs from over 300 submissions.

Here’s the translated post (followed by the original one) from Victor Gao, Director of Corporate Communications, Dell Greater China. Congratulations to the CSR team for the recognition.


I’m thrilled to announce that Dell received the “China’s Best CSR Programs” for our efforts to support technology education for underserved youth. We were awarded for innovative practices and the use of digital technologies to promote sustainable social development.  Companies recognized in this category are finding unique ways to make a meaningful impact on communities and the planet, and we’re proud Dell is amongst those leading the charge.

The "China's Best Corporate Citizen Award" is the first “corporate citizenship" award of its kind in China. Its organizer, the 21st Century Media Group, is also one of the most influential and important Chinese financial media. The award was launched to encourage local CSR practices and to foster a stronger CSR environment in China.  This year, 30 companies won the “China Best Corporate Citizen" award and 10 programs were elected to be "China's Best CSR Program" from more than 300 candidates.

Dell has invested in closing the technology gap for youth in China since 2009.  We have contributed $6 million to education partners across China to help Chinese youth discover what’s possible with access to technology. By placing state-of-the-art technology in underserved communities and working with non-profit organizations such as The China Youth Development Foundation and China Education Development Foundation, Chinese youth gain information and communication technology (ICT) skills that they may not have had an opportunity to develop otherwise. 

We listen and learn from communities around the world every day.  To date, we have granted more than $16 million to organizations supporting 2 million students in eight countries where Dell operates. Today 72 million children globally are out of school and lack access to the facilities, teachers and content they need to learn even the most basic skills. Dell is at the forefront of helping to change this, and we are proud to be recognized for our progress and approach in China.

To keep up with our global CSR efforts, please follow us on twitter at @Dell4Good and join our global education conversation using hashtag #DoMoreEDU.



我很高兴借此博客和大家分享一个喜讯。在2011年中国企业公民论坛上,戴尔 “青少年互联创未来”项目 荣获了“2011中国最佳企业公益项目”奖项。评委会对戴尔高度的社会责任感、极具创新性的企业公益实践模式和积极运用数字科技推进社会可持续发展方面所做出的努力给予了高度评价。评委会认为,所有获得该奖项的企业都为以其独特的方式为社会和这个星球带来了有益影响。戴尔能名列其中,我们深感荣幸。







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