The Power of Green IT – and Partnerships

CG logo In case you missed it, The Climate Group recently released a 90-page study exploring the role the high-tech industry could play in helping to ensure a sustainable planet, and the conclusions point to a wide range of possibilities.   As the global demand for computer equipment and data centers increases, the study found that the high-tech industry has the potential to triple its CO2 emissions by 2020.  However, the study also found that as IT companies implement more sustainable practices, the industry has the potential to lead the charge towards a low-carbon future.

Dell is already working against this challenge by pledging to become the ‘greenest’ technology company on the planet and delivering technology that helps customers achieve their environmental goals today.  This morning’s San Francisco Chronicle also cited Dell's recent decision to completely power its global headquarters in Round Rock, Texas with "green" energy.  Carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, free recycling for consumers and partnering with customers, employees and stakeholders are the core fundamentals of environmental responsibility. Regardless of industry, every company can embrace them. A skim through our products and the pages of this blog demonstrates our commitment to more energy-efficient products and practices.  We owe all this to listening to our customers' concerns, and encourage all of you to continue to let us know what you expect from us in the future.  While it's nice to be singled out for our commitment, we recognize they there's still a lot to be done.  With your help, we will meet our goal of becoming the "greenest" technology company on the planet and ensure a clean and healthy future for generations to come.

About the Author: Todd D