Extend the Power of AI-Ready Precision Workstations with NVIDIA

Jumpstart AI applications with AI-ready Dell Precision workstations and RTX-accelerated AI development tools.

For the software developer, the combination of AI-ready Precision workstations and RTX-accelerated AI-development tools are a quick-and-easy way to jumpstart the creation and utilization of AI applications. We are thrilled to see NVIDIA’s recent announcements that serve to further the adoption of large language models (LLMs) by delivering accelerated performance and efficient processing of AI-related tasks. These advancements empower software developers to create innovative applications and features using generative AI.

NVIDIA recently announced the availability of optimizations across all NVIDIA AI platforms for the Gemma family of models. These models, the newest members of Google’s open model portfolio, are state-of-the-art lightweight two billion and seven billion-parameter open language models that can run on anything from Dell Precision AI-ready workstations to our scalable AI server infrastructure. They stand at the forefront of innovation by underscoring the strategic use of TensorRT runtime to enhance the performance of other LLMs such as Stable Diffusion XL (SDXL) Turbo and latent consistency models—two highly favored methods for accelerating Stable Diffusion. Additionally, TensorRT-LLM has been employed for RTX-acceleration of text-based models, including Llama 2, Mistral and Phi-2.

The comprehensive Dell AI portfolio offers a gateway to the opportunities created by bringing these models to you. Our offers empower developers with a diverse range of options to bolster their AI endeavors. Whether it’s selecting powerful workstations, harnessing cutting-edge AI development tools or diving into the world of LLMs, our commitment to innovation ensures that developers have the resources they need to navigate their AI journey with confidence.

With the TensorRT engines running on the world’s most intelligent,¹ secure²and manageable³ commercial PCs, Dell with NVIDIA delivers a solid foundation for accelerated prototyping and exploration in the rapidly expanding world of AI—allowing easy access to moderately complex development pipelines that are often difficult to enable from scratch.

Developers can take advantage of NVIDIA’s rich ecosystem of tools including a retrieval-augmented-generation (RAG) tool called Chat with RTX and the currently shipping NVIDIA AI Enterprise software. Additionally, they can look forward to the forthcoming AI Workbench, which enables developers to easily create, collaborate and reproduce generative AI and data science projects. Developers can start locally on a RTX PC or workstation and scale out to cloud or data center in just a few clicks. AI Workbench is currently available in beta. These tools integrate GPU accelerated developer software into the NeMo framework, NVIDIA RAPIDS™, TensorRT and TensorRT-LLM—to fine-tune these LLMs and deploy them for your specific use case.

Bringing AI to your data, safely behind your firewall, is a fast path to greater productivity, business intelligence and efficiency, and this app is a great demonstrator for what’s possible. In the fast-evolving world of AI, having the right tools is crucial for success. Dell Precision AI-ready workstations accelerated with NVIDIA RTX GPUs, offer an unbeatable combination of performance, reliability and scalability for AI development. Dell Technologies has the world’s broadest AI solutions portfolio from desktop to data center to cloud—providing end-to-end AI solutions and services designed to meet customers wherever they are in their AI journey.

1 Based on Dell analysis, November 2023. Dell Optimizer is the AI-based optimization software for commercial PCs and MyDell is the AI-based optimization software for consumer and small business PCs. Dell Optimizer is not available in OptiPlex 3000 series, Latitude Chromebook Enterprise, and Linux-based devices. MyDell is only available on new Inspiron, Vostro and XPS PCs beginning in 2023, as well as select models from 2021 and 2022. MyDell is not available on Alienware PCs. Feature availability and functionality may vary by model. For more details visit Dell Optimizer Availability Matrix and MyDell Feature Availability Matrix.
2 Based on Dell internal analysis, September 2023. Applicable to PCs on Intel processors. Not all features available with all PCs. Additional purchase required for some features.
3 Based on Dell internal analysis, January 2024. Most-manageable commercial PCs when comparing the systems management capabilities of Dell Update Processes, Dell Manageability Solution capabilities and integrations with 3rd Party Management Solutions, with competitor update processes, systems management solution capabilities and integrations with 3rd party management solutions.

About the Author: Charlie Walker

Charlie is a product management leader with nearly two decades of experience in the technology industry. He currently leads the Precision and Rugged lines of business for Commercial Client Solutions at Dell Technologies. Previously at Dell, Charlie has had leadership roles: in Global Sales driving a sustainable BMS and strategic communications; in Mergers and Acquisition leading a portion of the Dell EMC integration; and in North America Go to Market driving sales programs, demand generation and online strategy. Charlie holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University.