The New Precision Workstations Are Here

Extending our AI story and opening new capabilities to our customers.

Today, we’re launching new Dell Precision workstations that will help customers push through boundaries, advancing their technological and business success. With the explosion of AI, we’re seeing all kinds of interesting ideas, internally and externally, on how to use these technologies to drive innovation and human progress. And at Dell Technologies, we’re in a unique position to provide an end-to-end solution for your AI initiatives, from desktop to data center to cloud—and the services and support—to custom fit your solution that is best for the work you do—or aspire to do.

At Dell, we’ve had AI-ready workstations for many years, as we’ve helped to propel AI technology forward. In fact, our AI-based Dell Optimizer software was built on and for Dell Precision workstations before we released it across many of our other commercial PCs. You can read more about that here. Workstations are propelling AI innovations to new heights, while liberating AI scientists or developers from having to negotiate server time to run iterations, providing GPU-based AI acceleration with extremely affordable devices.

precision workstation - mobile - tower - Dell - Dell Technologies
Precision mobile and tower workstations.

Partnering for Success

Together with our strategic partners, we’re taking a leap forward with new levels of performance and capability. For example, together with Intel, we’re actively advancing our “AI-inside” initiative by collaborating to introduce the innovative Intel® Core™ Ultra processors within our new 3000 and 5000 Series mobile workstations. These processors boast a combined integrated multi-processor package of Central Processing Unit (CPU), Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), designed to enhance the performance of AI features in more than 100 applications,* enabling them to operate with optimized speed and power efficiency. For example, it can help power all-new collaboration experiences, such as AI-powered video conferencing, which features background blur, face framing and eye contact correction capabilities. The NPU effectively offloads these tasks from the CPU or GPU (Graphical Processing Unit), resulting in up to a 40% reduction1 in power consumption. This translates to less battery discharge, which keeps you working for longer without needing to find somewhere to plug in. These new CPUs also have faster Intel® Arc™ Pro Graphics to provide improved performance for more media intensive AI workloads. Effectively, the CPU, NPU and GPU come together to deliver a flexible, performant and energy efficient AI engine, that provides a premium experience to you.

Working simultaneously, the NPU helps offload light, continuous AI tasks, while the NVIDIA GPU takes on more demanding day-to-day AI processing. For a large majority of our customers who need more advanced AI and graphics processing (think developing advanced 3D models and scenes, industrial and creative design, as well as AI inferencing and training and development work), our full mobile and fixed lineup will have the NVIDIA RTX™ Ada Generation GPU stack—including the all-new, higher-performing, entry-level NVIDIA graphics RTX 500 and 1000 Ada Generation Laptop GPUs Ada, which provides powerful AI, ray tracing and graphics capabilities. NVIDIA’s RTX technology has been integrated in hundreds of applications since their Tensor Core technology for AI acceleration was introduced several GPU architectures ago. Customers can use GPU-accelerated AI in a wide range of content creation, rendering and even business productivity applications to supercharge productivity, today.

Unleashing Your Productivity

Precision mobile workstations - Dell - Dell Technologies
Precision 5690 and 5490 workstations.

Our Precision 3490 and 3590 mobile workstations will still assist Power Users with being more productive, with up to NVIDIA RTX™ 500 Ada graphics, while the 3591 steps users into the design and creator space, including entry-level 2D and 3D CAD. Our Precision 5000 Series mobile workstations take creative application performance to the next level with the world’s smallest footprint 16-inch mobile workstation,2 Precision 5690, that gives you a vast viewing area, combined with mobility and amazing application performance with up to an NVIDIA RTX™ 5000 graphics card. Plus, the world’s smallest and most powerful 14-inch3, the Precision 5490, delivers no compromises on performance and experience in an ultra-mobile device. These new mobile workstations will ship with Windows 11, and you will be able to take advantage of Copilot in Windows with instant access through a dedicated hardware key.

“Leveraging the Dell Precision 5690 has accelerated Windows AI Studio development locally.  This device efficiently handled multiple AI model variants and fine-tuning processes, enhancing our team’s productivity and innovation pace.” – Vincente Rivera, Principal Architect – Microsoft

Today’s story doesn’t stop there. We’re also packing an incredible amount of performance into our entry-level desktop workstations, which continue to be cost-effective and great for smaller workspaces—yet more powerful than ever. For example, the Precision 3280 CFF, which is the world’s smallest workstation that supports Tensor Core GPUs,4 will also bring accelerated AI inferencing, AI development and high-performance computing capabilities. The newly designed CFF will now have the latest Intel® Core™ 14th Gen processors with 65W processors running at 80W, supported by our new thermal solutions, and will provide enhanced performance on this small workstation. With up to an NVIDIA RTX 4000 SFF Ada Generation GPU it delivers solid performance for AI-driven and advanced graphics workflows in a compact footprint.  Our Precision 3680 Tower (which will also feature the intel® Core™ 14th Gen processors and up to an NVIDIA RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU) is the world’s fastest workstation for single-threaded tasks and will offer “Unlimited Turbo Duration,” which effectively keeps the workstation running at turbo speeds for longer. And of course, we’ve improved the thermals to support this performance, helping to keep the system running cool and quiet while powering through heavy application workloads.

“DaVinci Resolve customers rely on the horsepower and features packed into Dell Precision workstations to create real-time, high-quality content. We are really excited to see what our customers can do with the new Dell Precision 3680.” – Dan May, president – Blackmagic Design

Precision - Dell - Dell Technologies - AI - artificial intelligence - AI Ready - mobile - tower - workstations
Precision 3280 CFF and accessories.

Security Advancements

What makes our workstations even more capable? Built-in security. One of the industry’s most secure commercial PCs,6 Precision offers hardware and firmware features to combat modern cyberattacks. We continue to enhance the defenses of Precision with a new built-in vulnerability detection feature coming this spring. The new capability, designed to help IT further mitigate the growing risk of device-level attacks, will scan for publicly reported security flaws and provide recommendations for remediation. This feature will be available, starting with BIOS vulnerabilities, in April 2024.

As the #1 workstation provider in the world,7 Dell is on an exciting journey working with our strategic partners and you, our customers, to bring these innovative technologies and experiences to life.

You can learn more about these new Dell Precision workstations here.

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1 Based on Intel internal analysis using Intel® Core™ Ultra 165H RVP vs. Intel® i7-1370P RVP vs 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors.
2 Based on internal analysis of Precision 5690 vs HP Zbook Studio G10 and Lenovo P1 Gen6 16″ workstations. December 2023.
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About the Author: Charlie Walker

Charlie is a product management leader with nearly two decades of experience in the technology industry. He currently leads the Precision and Rugged lines of business for Commercial Client Solutions at Dell Technologies. Previously at Dell, Charlie has had leadership roles: in Global Sales driving a sustainable BMS and strategic communications; in Mergers and Acquisition leading a portion of the Dell EMC integration; and in North America Go to Market driving sales programs, demand generation and online strategy. Charlie holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Rice University.