Dell customers benefit from large pool of well-trained, highly qualified Dell partners

What happens when a company chooses to invest in robust training for its partners? Conversely, what happens when a company fails to prioritize training for its partners? Dell understands how partner knowledge ultimately impacts their ability to provide quality consultation and service to their end customers. For Dell, partner training and competency is and will remain a top priority.

Ever since the launch of our global channel program known as PartnerDirect, Dell has heavily invested in the ongoing training and development of our partners—including those in our Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) region since its formation in 2008. Relevant, comprehensive, expert training not only helps our partners build their business, but ensures that all end customers receive the high level of solutions and services they expect and deserve from a global technology leader and its partners.

In PartnerDirect there are three partner levels: Registered, Preferred and Premier. The latter two being partners who have achieved the highest levels of training (and met other program requirements). Dell encourages all of our partners to make training and ongoing education a high priority. In Asia Pacific alone, Dell has almost a thousand Preferred and Premier Partners who have completed one or more of our core training programs known as competencies. Completing numerous competencies empowers partners to provide customers a higher level of service and, in turn, increase their own profitability. It’s not by coincidence that our recently announced winners of the Dell Asia PartnerDirect Excellence awards were some of our most highly engaged and well-trained partners.

 I recently spoke with Pamela Lim, Director of Enterprise Enablement and Certification Programs for Asia Pacific and Japan region, who built the Dell partner training and competency program in Asia Pacific and Japan from the ground up.  We discussed the mounting success of our APJ partners as well as some exciting news regarding upcoming training opportunities in this burgeoning region.

Pam shared that, “Each year, Dell offers our partners over 100,000 training sessions worldwide. Courses are designed both for technical and sales experts in our partner organizations to help them deepen their knowledge of the latest Dell solutions. We are constantly launching new and innovative training programs to meet the ever evolving needs of our partners and their customers.”

Speaking of evolution, through strategic acquisitions and the formation of the Dell Software Group, we have successfully repositioned Dell as a provider of true end-to-end technology solutions. To align with this strategy, Dell recently announced valuable enhancements to the structure of the PartnerDirect program to now include software and create one simplified and comprehensive channel program. Partners are excited about the opportunity to augment their own capabilities by completing the new software competency.

Pam concluded to say, “We are proud of our partners and confident that our training program will continue to deliver highly skilled and qualified Dell partners to serve a multitude of customers across the APJ region.”

Dell’s Preferred and Premier Partners have the highest level of expertise in various Dell enterprise products and solutions. They are well equipped to evaluate your current IT environment and can recommend the best Dell solutions for your particular challenges and business needs.




Are you a customer looking for a Preferred or Premier Dell partner? Use our Find a Partner tool in your country’s PartnerDirect web portal to find a well-trained partner near you! 

About the Author: Kay Griggs