Dell DaaS on Demand Tips the Desktop Virtualization Scale

This post was authored by Terry Vaughn, Solutions Architect

With the resource constraints that many organizations face, IT managers aren’t always able to make large ongoing upfront investments in technology innovations. While many in this category are aware of the benefits of desktop virtualization and may have kicked the tires, many have needed to justify that route, especially when it comes to cost, before taking the plunge. According to IDC analyst Brett Waldman, despite the compelling case for on-premise client virtualization solutions, “implementations have been fraught with high-up front costs, complex implementations and a general lack of expertise.” However, desktop virtualization has become mainstream, bringing the management, security and TCO benefits of this model to a wide swath of organizations – and those that are still on the fence now have a better option to get in the game.

Dell Desktop as a Service (DaaS) On Demand is a solution that can tip the scale for those who are debating. You can enjoy the benefits of desktop virtualization, without breaking the bank or fear of a painful deployment process. With Dell DaaS on Demand, you can manage user profiles, OS’s and applications on your virtual desktops, and have Dell manage the rest (hardware and facilities, VDI software, security, etc.) as a predictable and cost-effective monthly subscription service. Waldman called Dell’s DaaS On Demand “a comprehensive solution that not only lowers the barrier to adopting virtual desktops and desktop applications, but also incorporates options such as Wyse end points, support services, and even financing.” Dell simplifies the IT process.

Additionally, I’m glad to report that today Dell announced updates to DaaS On Demand that take its cost effectiveness and simplicity to the next level.

The new features include:

  • Shared or “session-based” desktops that offer a lower cost and simplified model to users with relatively basic application and configuration needs
  • Published Applications – enable quick access to key applications from the desktop portal using the RDP
  • Standby desktops for disaster recovery and business continuity and on demand capacity

Beyond its simplicity and cost, time, space and power savings, other important benefits of DaaS On Demand are:

  • Scalability – Easily scale the number of desktops up or down; administrators deploy additional virtual desktops from a central management console and Dell manages the logistics of scaling capacity.
  • Security – User authentication, as well as secure data storage and transfer capabilities ensure that desktops and data are always protected.  
  • Finally, the cherry on top is that Dell offers a free trial of DaaS On Demand, so you can quickly and easily test out the service, and show your organization the benefits of switching to virtual desktops.

DaaS On Demand subscriptions begin at a very affordable $24 per month for standard shared desktop deployment, and $38 per month for a virtual desktop. Mid-grade professional subscriptions start at $31 per month for shared and $48 per month for virtual desktops. Dell Cloud Client Computing also offers premium subscriptions, at $45 per month for shared and $67 per month for virtual desktops. Jed Hartung, Director of Infrastructure at a leading media and entertainment company, commented: "We went with Dell’s DaaS on Demand and thin-clients to give us a strong secure enterprise infrastructure at a predictable monthly cost, while enabling us to focus on what we do best.  We were able to implement a BYOD policy in record time, and could be confident that we weren’t compromising the security of our corporate data.  Having piloted the solution here in the US, we are looking forward to rolling it out worldwide in the near future.”

DaaS On Demand addresses many of today’s most common business needs and technology trends. Organizations with mobile or geographically disperse workforces, or those looking to implement BYOD certainly have much to gain in terms of flexibility, manageability and security. The ability to “try before you buy” and the subscription-based pricing also make it an excellent option for companies that are keen on spending funds cautiously and wisely. And if space limitations are a concern, having all your desktops hosted on Dell’s cloud might be just what you need. 

Sarah Vela

About the Author: Sarah Vela

Sarah Vela is no longer with Dell Technologies.