Dell DVS Enterprise sees increased user density by up to 80%, support for persistent user experience and qualification of XenDesktop™ 5.6 and View 5.1

In Dell Desktop Virtualization Solutions (DVS) Enterprise, the Dell engineering team brings continuous improvements not only to the Integrated Solution Stack (ISS), but also to the elements which are part of the solution.

Dell™ is pleased to announce that the most recent improvements for VDI customers are around increasing user density on Dell PowerEdge™ 12G servers and the support for a persistent user experience while massively reducing storage costs. The main improvements brought to the existing DVS Enterprise solution and its respective benefits are:

1. Optimization of new Dell 12G rack server configurations:

Brings up to 80% more basic users per rack server compared to the earlier configurations using Dell 11G servers. It is now possible to support up to 145 basic users or up to 95 users with a premium workload – on a R720
server. This is mainly due to the qualification of new CPU on Dell PowerEdge™ 12G rack servers.

2. Qualification of the latest versions of virtualization software Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 and VMware View 5.1:

  • Citrix® XenDesktop™ 5.6 integrates Citrix personal vDisk technology, providing a persistent user experience with the ability to keep user settings and user-installed applications on a non-persistent infrastructure, thus saving on storage space.
  • VMware® View 5.1 also increases storage savings using View Storage Accelerator, by improving bootstorm and steadystate IOPS.

3. DVS Enterprise with Unidesk simplifies desktop configuration and application delivery:

Following a recent announcement, it is now possible to install Unidesk® multi-layer technology on DVS Enterprise, allowing to reduce VDI storage capacity requirements by up to 70% with Dell EqualLogic™ by sharing common layers across many virtual desktops*. Other benefits include a simplified image management of Windows and all types of application, as well as the optimization of application delivery. Unidesk also brings 100% user personalization, including user-installed applications and profile personalization, thus creating a personal persistent desktop experience every time an end user logs in. Unidesk technology works both on XenDesktop™ and View.

Additional information and resources are posted on Please contact your Dell Account Representative to get started with DVS Enterprise.

Introduction to DVS Enterprise: see an overview video (2:27)


* Results based from Overcoming the Storage Challenges of Persistent Virtual Desktops with Dell EqualLogic Hybrid Arrays and Unidesk a Dell-authored whitepaper, April 2012

About the Author: Nicolas Cuendet