Dell Integrated Data Protection – Cloud-Ready, Simpler & More Powerful

Today, we’re delivering the next evolution in integrated data protection for mid-size and enterprise organizations—with more cloud options and faster restore performance for the Dell Integrated Data Protection Appliance (IDPA). IDPAs deliver the perfect mix of simplicity and power—simply powerful data protection at a lower cost-to-protect, and is guaranteed.

Dell IDPA: Simply Powerful Data Protection

Organizations need to efficiently protect an ever-increasing amount of data in a growing ecosystem of applications — all while improving time-to-value, reducing overall cost and complexity, and planning for growth. Organizations also need to seamlessly incorporate cloud into data protection strategies.

All of this is not easy to accomplish with many of today’s data protection solutions which require multiple products and multiple vendors — resulting in lengthy and time-consuming deployment and complex and expensive management of fragmented data protection environments.

IDPAs solve these complex problems. They are integrated, turnkey appliances that reduce the complexity of managing multiple data silos, point solutions, and vendor relationships. IDPAs simplify deployment and management — while delivering powerful, enterprise-class data protection capabilities for mid-size and enterprise organizations at a lower cost-to-protect1 than competing solutions.  They offer a converged solution that offers complete backup, replication, recovery, deduplication, instant access and restore, search & analytics, tight VMware integration — plus, cloud readiness with disaster recovery and long-term retention to the cloud — all in a single appliance.

With IDPAs, customers reduce time-to-protect with up to 10X faster deployment2 than traditional solutions. Organizations become more agile with a solution that’s fast — data is protected more efficiently and can be recovered more quickly — and that is reliable.

New! Expanded Cloud Ecosystem and Efficient Capacity Management

Native Cloud Disaster Recovery is now available across the entire IDPA family, enabling customers to cost-effectively failover to the cloud with end-to-end orchestration—for 3 clicks to failover and 2 clicks to failback.  Plus, support for Azure and VMware Cloud on AWS has been added in addition to AWS, which was previously supported.

Cloud Tier, which has been natively integrated on all IDPA configurations since the introduction of IDPA, provides long-term retention to the cloud, enabling customers to backup up to 2x the usable capacity of their on-premises IDPA to the public cloud.  The Cloud Tier ecosystem has been expanded to include Google Cloud Platform and Alibaba Cloud – which is in addition to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dell Virtustream, Dell ECS Cloud, IBM Cloud and CEPH, which were previously supported.

In addition, Cloud Tier enables more efficient cloud capacity management for long-term retention with its new, free-space estimator tool. This free utility shows the amount of on-premises IDPA storage that will be saved if data is moved to Cloud Tier for long-term retention, enabling efficient capacity management between on-premises and cloud that helps reduce storage costs.

New! Enhanced Performance

Instant access and restore provides faster restore performance by temporarily running a workload directly from the IDPA as a virtual machine (VM) while it is migrated back to the ESXi cluster instead of waiting for the backed up data to be restored to the cluster before it can be used. In addition to not having to wait for data to be copied before bringing an application back online and restoring business operations, this capability is also ideal for backup validation and test/dev use cases. IDPAs now offer significant improvements to this capability with an enhanced data cache that results in up to four times more inputs/outputs per second (IOPS), providing up to 40,000 IOPS.

In addition, IDPAs also provide support for multiple streams for improved recovery of large backup files when compared to single stream restores and improved network utilization. The result is significantly faster restores from an IDPA to production storage.


Finally, we stand by our product and claims. IDPAs are guaranteed under our Future Proof Loyalty Program—featuring a guarantee of data protection deduplication up to 55:1. This is on top of the 3-year satisfaction guarantee, flexible cloud-enabled consumption, hardware investment protection and predictable support pricing that, in total, provide for additional peace of mind and investment protection for future technology changes.

See what our customers have to say

Security Service Federal Credit Union (SSFCU) leverages Dell’s IDPA to ensure they are compliant with new rules and regulations

SSFCU grew from a $25mm organization to the largest credit union in Texas, and one of the largest in the nation, with $9.5B in deposits and more than 750,000 members. As SSFCU approaches the $10B mark, they will be under even tighter scrutiny from regulators. Therefore, Dell’s IDPA is critical to their operations. With the IDPA, implementation was quick, and backups ran almost immediately. Managing IDPAs was simple and took much less time than previous competitive solutions, thus freeing up their IT staff’s time. SSFCU was able to consolidate all backup workloads into an integrated platform with a single pane of glass. SSFCU achieves continuous account access, 100 percent faster backups of disparate databases and 60:1 deduplication using the IDPA. SSFCU’s use of IDPA gives them peace of mind knowing they can have their business up and running in just a few minutes in case of an emergency.

“Our long-standing relationship with Dell has resulted in numerous successes for our business. We’re experiencing cost savings, greater efficiency and faster backup and recovery times with Dell IDPA and Data Domain,” said John McFall Senior Vice President, Enterprise Technology Group, Security Service Federal Credit Union. “These results combined with the fact that our data is safe and secure allows me to sleep well at night.”

Melanson Heath wins with Dell data protection

Melanson Heath is a full-service accounting firm based in New England. Their previous backup solution was unreliable, time consuming, and hard to manage. Switching to the IDPA DP4400 was an easy decision for Melanson Heath. Installation was completed in less than a day compared to months with their previous solution. Management was a breeze with the IDPA DP4400 because of its single point of management. In addition, the IDPA DP4400 came pre-installed with all the correct hardware and software, saving Melanson Heath thousands of dollars on consultants. Finally, the IDPA DP4400 has offered granular insight into Melanson Heath’s backups, ensuring a successful end-to-end solution. Melanson Heath saved time, money, and most importantly now has a smoothly running backup solution, so they can focus on their core business.

“The IDPA DP4400 is a great product because it’s all in one. It’s highly scalable so you know that you’ve got great expansion capabilities. Because it’s Dell, it’s ready to go and I can trust that I don’t have to do a lot of research and vetting to make sure it’s going to work for me. That’s peace of mind.” – Brian Linden, IT Director, Melanson Heath

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IDPAs are simply powerful, at a lower cost-to-protect. Guaranteed.

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1 Based on third party testing conducted by ESG to validate the cost efficiency of Dell IDPA, in a white paper titled “The Economic Value of Data Domain and Integrated

Data Protection Appliances (IDPA)”, June 2018.

2 Based on Dell internal testing, May 2018, compared to traditional deployments. Actual results will vary.

About the Author: Blanca Garcia

Blanca Garcia is a product marketing manager in Data Protection at Dell EMC, with a focus on integrated data protection appliances. She started her career as a mechanical engineer with IBM, but soon found her passion in marketing and has worked at high-tech start-ups, mid-size companies, and large enterprises marketing products and solutions in data protection, cloud, managed services, IT consulting services and consumer software.