Dell is #1 Green Technology Brand Among IT Buyers

 Dell has made aggressive strides with the "greenness" of our enterprise products and solutions in an effort to help our customers meet their environmental and cost goals. Our hard work is paying off…

 According to a recent GreenFactor study released by Strategic Oxygen and Cohn & Wolfe, Dell is the number one green technology brand among IT buyers. Strategic Oxygen surveyed more than 3,500 enterprise IT decision makers, including CXOs, CIOs and IT Managers, in 11 different countries. Take a look at Lionel’s Direct2Dell post for a bit more context on the topic.

 While we're happy to see the industry taking notice of our efforts, our work isn’t finished yet. We're still helping customers find their hidden data centers by focusing on IT productivity; we just released new infrastructure products that help reduce IT complexity and cost while improving power and cooling in the data center; and finally, we're working on our next generation of enterprise products and technologies that will continue to set new standards for energy efficiency. Time to get back to work!

About the Author: Albert Esser