Dell @ NAB: Redefining Efficiency for Content Creators, Distributors and Manufacturers

Coming off the heels of SXSW , Dell is excited to share even more media & entertainment news at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show), the largest international digital event for audio, video, film, broadcast and communications. It is the second largest show in Las Vegas, behind the Consumer Electronics Show, and Dell will be there in a big way this year. 

We will demonstrate our end-to-end solutions that are truly redefining efficiency for service providers, content creators, distributors and manufacturers. These solutions and demos include:

Come find us at NAB to learn more about these offerings and other exciting news from Dell.

  • Dell at the Intel Booth (#SL2180):  
    • Building a World Class Studio on Dell – One of Dell’s animation studio customers, Toonbox Entertainment, will discuss and demonstrate how Dell helped them redefine efficiency by building their 3D animation studio and renderfarm on Dell Precision T5500 workstations and PowerEdge servers.  Toonbox will also talk about Dell’s integral role in their unique approach to making stereoscopic animated features.
    • Dell Precision Media Creation Solutions – Top visual effects, video production and feature-film companies like Pixomondo, Arts+Labor and LightDog Filmsrely on Dell Precision workstations to provide the performance and scalability needed to produce their creative work. Come see examples of Dell tested and certified 3D animation and film and editing solutions from GrassValley and Autodesk.
      • Grass Valley™ EDIUS® nonlinear video editing (NLE) software (v. 6.5) will be running on a Dell Precision T7500 and M6600 mobile workstation to demonstrate how editing package has been optimized for Intel microprocessors, making Grass Valley and Dell a powerful combination for editing footage in the field. Due to its advanced codec, multiformat file support and unparalled speed, Grass Valley EDIUS high-definition NLE software is quickly becoming one of the top solutions among editors working in the digital news and professional video production industries.
      • Autodesk Maya  – 3D animation software which is used for visual effects, game development, post production and other 3D animation projects, will be shown on a Dell Precision T7500 high-end workstation.
    • Dell Deliver, Dell’s new content delivery platform, will be in use at the show serving to stream video live from the news desk and the Intel stage to Come check it out in person and learn more about the solution from one of our media & entertainment experts.
    • Dell OEM Solutions will demonstrate how it works with the media and entertainment industry to deliver innovative solutions to the market.  Demos will showcase real-world examples, including how companies like DG FastChannel worked with Dell OEM Solutions to deliver HD-ready products to broadcasters—while Google-customized Dell PowerEdge servers allow organizations to quickly search information behind corporate firewalls with their Google Search Appliance.  Dell will also showcase their customization capabilities, including basic static bezels, to provide OEMs with an unbranded or custom branded tier-one solution.
    • Dell at the NVIDIA Booth (#SL9215):
      • NVIDIA will be running Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects on a Dell Precision T7500 workstation with NVIDIA Maximus to show advanced video editing and motion graphics capabilities. NVIDIA will also show a Dell Precision T7500 workstation with NVIDIA Maximus technology and Autodesk Maya 3D animation plus physics-based effects.

In addition, Dell will present on content creation and distribution solutions throughout the week in the Intel Booth, #SL 12810:

Monday April 16

  • 10:15 AM at the news desk: Learn more about Dell Deliver, Dell’s first-ever content delivery platform just announced. Laurie Hutto-Hill, Dell TME AVP & General Manager, James Segil, President, EdgeCast Networks, and Keith Wymbs, VP Marketing, Elemental Technologies, will speak to the new Dell Deliver solution and how it is uniquely positioned in the market
  • 2:00 PM at the Stage: Kevin Walker, Marketing Director for Dell’s Commercial Verticals, will present “Redefining the Future of Content Creation and Distribution,” announcing Dell’s unique approach to the future of content platforms.

Tuesday, April 17

  • 10:15 AM at the news desk – Dell customer Toonbox Entertainment will discuss how Dell has enabled it to change their approach to making stereoscopic animated features
  • 2:00 PM at the Stage: Scott Hamilton, Media & Entertainment Vertical Market Strategist for Dell Precision and Andrew McPhillips of Toonbox Entertainment will present on “Efficient 3D Stereo Feature Production”

Wednesday, April 18

  • 10:15 AM at the news desk: Learn how Dell works with OEM customers to deliver exciting solutions to the media and entertainment industry.
  • 2:00 PM at the Stage:  A repeat of the Monday presentation, in case you missed it.  Kevin Walker, Marketing Director for Dell’s Commercial Verticals, will present “Redefining the Future of Content Creation and Distribution,” announcing Dell’s unique approach to the future of content platforms.

Thursday, April 19

  • 11:00 AM at the Stage: Dell executives will discuss how Dell OEM Solutions has been producing high-quality IT solutions for some of the world’s biggest communications companies—and how Dell has designed these products and services to overcome the challenges customers face, including system reliability.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Vegas!

About the Author: Laurie Hutto-Hill