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Introducing our brand new Telecom Partner Self-Certification program.

One of the great strengths of Dell Technologies comes from the ever-growing relationships we have within the telecom partner community. We have brought together incredible players in this ecosystem to launch proven, large-scale, next-generation reference architectures and validated designs for some of the world’s largest Communication Service Providers (CSPs) across RAN, 4G/5G core, orchestration, edge and other hardware and software options. Our Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab is designed for partners and CSPs to collaborate in an open environment. We need to bring all stakeholders together to jointly create open, cloud-native, standards-based solutions needed to deliver 5G’s full potential.

Growing Our Open Partnerships

Now, we are expanding these telecom partner relationships even further. As the architecture of 5G networks is becoming more virtualized, open and programmable, new vendors and best-of-breed components are proliferating. Dell Technologies sees that innovative start-ups, agile Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), large software providers with edge and networking business and other telecom and edge software delivered by the partner community not only need access to the latest telecom equipment to validate their solutions but also need access to our CSP customers.

This is what our recently announced new Dell Telecom Partner Self-Certification Program is all about. Dell Technologies Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL) has worked to develop a program for telecom Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and ecosystem partners to self-certify their solutions on Dell Technologies hardware platforms. The self-certification program is a low touch, automated, formal program for these telecom partners to validate key test capabilities needed by CSPs. The program will give them assurance that the quality of the partner software is compatible with and ready for stable deployment on Dell Technologies telecom infrastructure.

Dell Technologies Telecom Certified logoThe Telecom Partner Self-Certification Program is designed to be simple. There is a streamlined onboarding process, a secure portal that help automate self-certification testing on pre-defined test lines and test cases and follow-on marketing support and issuance of our official “Dell Technologies Telecom Certified” badge issued to those partners’ software that successfully pass certification. Most importantly, this badge gives CSPs assurance that the partner software is Dell Technologies platform-ready and will support key telecom capabilities.

Why Partner with Dell Technologies

Our first goal with self-certification is to remove barriers to entering the telecom market by providing significant simplicity and transparency to validate workloads in using a custom configuration and automated capabilities provided by our custom-built OTEL Solution Integration Platform. Our next goal is to increase revenue opportunities by delivering solutions with better quality and more features that can be exposed to more customers through Dell Technologies marketing and sales channels.

We have already been working with partners in the telecom community to align with these goals and prove the capability of our self-certification process. We are proud to announce that our pilot partner products have already successfully completed Dell Technologies Telecom Partner Self-Certification:

    • Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial is a middleware platform software optimized for AI deployments at the edge. Intel® Edge Insights for Industrial supports video and time-series ingest, inference, publishing and visualization so that a developer can focus on algorithm and application creation.
    • Litmus’ Edge Data Platform for Industry 4.0 unifies data collection, data analytics, application enablement and data integration in a complete Edge Data Platform purpose-built for Industry 4.0
    • Versa’s Unified SASE (Secure SD-WAN and SSE) is the simplest, most scalable way to continuously secure and connect millions of points of access in and out of corporate resources regardless of location

Ultimately, this latest launch is about providing value to CSPs worldwide. We are simplifying the creation of an open and modern 5G telecom ecosystem by testing telecom software solutions at scale to create new business opportunities. And we are de-risking 5G and cloud-native deployments and expediting the transformation of the telecom industry towards a more open and agile future, establishing an open environment for telecom-grade testing.

If you are a start-up, ISV, network equipment provider, or other partner that has a telecom software solution you are interested in taking through Dell Technologies Telecom Partner Self-Certification, you can learn more on our Telecom alliances page. Come start your journey and discover the power of a partnership with us.

Paul Norkus

About the Author: Paul Norkus

Paul is pushing the boundaries of product marketing for Dell Technologies the way we are pushing the boundaries of 5G. He is driving the marketing activities for the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL) and 5G Converged Core solutions at Dell Technologies. He has an MBA from Olivet Nazarene University and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University.