New Dell SonicPoint Series Enhances Wireless Network Security Solution

Wireless has become an imperative for virtually every type and size of organization. Businesses add wireless into their network infrastructure as they look to increase customer value and improve employee productivity through mobility initiatives such as BYOD. K-12 schools and universities use wireless as a means to provide students with a more connected educational environment while hospitals and dental offices utilize wireless to enable medical staff to access patient information while roaming.

Fueling this requirement for wireless is the continued proliferation of WiFi-enabled devices, both personal and IT-issued. Coupled with the increase in wireless devices is the use of bandwidth intensive applications including video and voice, HD multimedia and cloud and mobile apps. Together, this combination is driving the need for organizations to provide a growing WiFi user population with a high-speed wireless solution that significantly enhances their experience while at the same time maintains maximum security. 

SonicPoint product imageThe Dell SonicWALL Wireless Network Security solution featuring the new Dell SonicPoint Series of wireless access points helps small and mid-sized organizations achieve all three. The Dell SonicPoint ACe and SonicPoint ACi are built on the 802.11ac wireless standard, enabling retail point-of-sale businesses, schools and healthcare organizations to provide their employees, students and customers with high-speed wireless connectivity. At almost three times the speed of the previous 802.11n standard, 802.11ac gives users a better wireless experience. SonicPoints tightly integrate with Dell SonicWALL next-generation firewalls that scan wireless traffic for threats and eliminate them keep wireless traffic as secure as wired traffic.

“We know it’s critical to be able to provide our employees and customers with wireless access that is both dependable and secure, however, we need to do so in a way that won’t require costly set-up, deployment and maintenance. Dell SonicPoints enable us to provide the high-performing wireless access we need quickly and easily, and without having to constantly worry about whether or not this access is secure. In addition, we don’t need to buy a separate wireless access controller to manage the SonicPoints, as this is built into the Dell SonicWALL firewall, which saves us both time and money,” said Gerry Pollet, founder and CEO, Zapfi

“Our customers need to be able to provide their employees with dependable wireless access – it’s no longer a ‘nice to have.’ But even the best wireless access is meaningless if it isn’t secured – and smaller businesses are often susceptible to a wireless attack or significant data breach with the potential cost not just in lost revenue, but also in lost reputation, something that’s difficult to repair. With Dell SonicPoints, our customers benefit from the latest applications and services while ensuring their data is secure. Dell SonicPoints have helped us to maintain a competitive advantage in the market and have helped diversify our portfolio," said Deepak Thadani, president, SysIntegrators, LLC.

For some, deploying and managing a wireless network can seem like a scary proposition, not to mention expensive. However with the Wireless Network Security solution, setting up and managing a wireless network is neither. Dell SonicWALL firewalls include a built-in wireless control that automatically detects and provisions every attached SonicPoint. This saves time and cuts costs. Ongoing management is done through the firewall as well, so IT can manage both wireless and security through a single pane of glass. Having both security and high-speed wireless in one solution that’s easy to deploy and lowers TCO makes the choice simple. Customers tend to agree.

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About the Author: Scott Grebe