Bringing Desktop Virtualization to the Enterprise in a Big Way!

As business users become more comfortable and even dependent on mobile computing, virtual desktops have seen a resurgence as a way to serve users the resources they need, where they need them and in a secure managed environment. These objectives are only further complicated by larger trends in end-user computing such as the continued migration to Windows 10, further adoption of GPU-accelerated applications, and a growing, just-in-time and remote workforce. With the launch of Ready Solutions for VDI on VxBlock, you can easily deploy virtual desktops on one of the leading converged infrastructure platforms available.

At VMworld, Dell announced new validation and guidance for the VxBlock 1000 for VDI workloads. This documentation is designed to streamline the design, sizing, and deployment of VDI workloads running in dedicated or mixed environments on the VxBlock 1000. With specific guidelines based on typical user workloads from basic, knowledge worker, and power users, you can now easily build a non-unique environment on tier-1 technology for your unique business needs.

For external validation, we asked the Evaluator Group to conduct research on the true cost of running VDI over a three year period. As with many workloads, customers are always considering whether it’s viable and cost-effective to move workloads to the public cloud, and virtual desktops are no different. Even for us, the results were pretty surprising.

At 10,000 users and the lightest user-type they tested, VxBlock was 20% less expensive than the public cloud. For power users, the savings jumped to 45%. This is before factoring in the improved manageability, security, and reusability of the VxBlock 1000, which closes the book on the question of where to run VDI workloads.

This announcement is only the start of what we have planned around VDI, with more coming later this year. Leave us a note in the comments on how you’re using virtual desktops, and what you’d like to see next from us in this space. All the research and documents referenced can be found in the notes below.

Read the Evaluator Group report on running VDI on VxBlock vs AWS

Download our latest validation and documentation on the VDI Info Hub

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Pete Manca

About the Author: Pete Manca

Pete Manca is an accomplished senior executive with a history of creating, marketing, and selling high quality solutions to mission-critical enterprise customers. In his current role as Senior Vice President and General Manager of APEX, Pete is developing solutions to enable Dell Technologies’ portfolio to be sold as-a-Service. Prior roles within Dell included GM of the Converged and Hyper-Converged business unit, OEM Solutions, Tech Alliances and Integrated Solutions. Prior to Dell, Pete was CEO of Egenera, a Converged Infrastructure and Cloud Computing technology company in the Boston area.