Direct2Dell: Our New Name

The name of this blog is now Direct2Dell. A few pundits have eagerly pointed out that is a XXX site and suggested we change our name and URL. By the way, one2one also is a unit of T-Mobile, an MIT project, and a driving school. It’s also a bar in Austin at 5th and Brazos that, from what I hear serves a decent margarita.

We looked at the site in question before we launched. We were planning to use a sub-domain and felt it would not be an issue. We also were betting that the few Dell customers who ended up there would realize it’s NOT Dell’s blog. Other than that, we just admired their SEO skills.

We’re focused on the conversation and we’re just getting warmed up. Changing our name and URL is a little like moving the furniture in the middle of a dinner party. Having said that, we’d rather spare you an accidental visit to an unrelated site.

From today forward, you'll be routed to our new address.  Sorry for the inconvenience—we look forward to continuing the conversation.

About the Author: Lionel Menchaca