Doing More than Print: A Solutions-led Approach

Companies of all sizes are today handling more data and documentation than ever before. As a result, they’re recognising the vital importance of finding a means to efficiently and securely store, track, access and retrieve documents. The ‘paperless office’ might remain a myth for now, but organisations are seeing the benefits in streamlining their documentation workflow and cutting their over-reliance on paper.

With a significant 59 percent of businesses wanting to be more digital in their operations, looking to improve collaboration on documentation, there’s a clear need for a solutions-led approach to imaging and printing. That’s why Dell has today announced a host of solutions aimed at enabling businesses to do more than print: a line-up of six new printers, and the Dell Document Hub, engineered to improve business collaboration using cloud integration.

More than half of small businesses are already using cloud storage services, and often multiple different services as they look to maximise cost-free options. Designed to allow users to share, create and retrieve documents across multiple, popular cloud platforms simultaneously, the Dell Document Hub is in essence a document search engine for the cloud with a single sign-on. Accessible through an app on all Windows 8 devices, and via Dell’s new, flagship colour multifunction printer, the Dell C2665dnf, Document Hub solves the challenge of managing documents across multiple cloud services.

One of the most exciting features of Document Hub is having the ability to scan documents to cloud services in a way which transforms hardcopy documents into live, editable documents for collaboration, rather than creating static images. A business card, for example, can be scanned and seamlessly converted to an Outlook contact card, thanks to cloud-powered OCR.

With embedded Document Hub, the C2665dn itself can directly access cloud-based data and enable PC-free printing, making it the world’s smartest colour multifunction printer. With NFC-enabled ‘tap & print’ functionality and an intuitive touchscreen, it offers a user experience that makes it easier than ever to manage documentation from the printer itself.

Learn more about the Dell Document Hub and our portfolio of new printers here.

About the Author: Dave McNally