Drive Your Business Today and Innovate for Tomorrow Using the PowerEdge Server Platform

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

We all know the key ingredients, flour, oil and sugar, in the right proportion, make a great cake. Similarly, automation, security and scalability are the building blocks of the server infrastructure. This foundation enables you to get the best results for your core business applications and prepares you to take on more demanding, complex workloads. Dell PowerEdge servers help you develop the perfect recipe for success, so you can drive business today while you prepare for tomorrow’s new applications and business models.

From deployments to firmware updates to risk prevention, Dell OpenManage offers intelligent automation that saves time, reduces human error and ultimately, helps provide the best customer experience. One way to think about this is if your data center already offers optimal performance and uptime, then you will have less routine tasks to manage and can spend more time on business-critical activities. Automated tools within OpenManage make it a “piece of cake” to take on new and complex workloads, integrate new technologies and rapidly deploy new servers. Plus, all your servers can be simply managed by OpenManage Enterprise within a single console or from anywhere on your mobile device.

Security continues to remain a top concern for IT professionals. Data breaches are akin to leaving a cake out in the rain. And it is hard to focus on new initiatives when you are working to resolve past issues. PowerEdge servers are built on a Cyber-Resilient Architecture and are conformant to NIST SP 800-193 standards – the most robust security guidelines in the world. Security begins at design and procurement and spans the entire lifecycle of your server to help protect your business. This security is further fortified with Dell’s supply chain assurance, providing peace of mind for customers.

Scalability becomes essential as data continues to grow in importance and volume. If all of a sudden, demand increases to 10x as many cakes as you normally make, you want to ensure you have the right equipment that can scale and adapt to this increased demand. The same holds true for your data center. PowerEdge servers are built on a scalable architecture, so you can quickly add or swap resources like internal storage, memory or processors. Our refresh includes the new 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors[1],  which offer up to 40% performance increase[2] on core business applications and to help set the foundation for you to add new features designed for data-centric workloads.

The icing on the cake is the addition of new Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory¹, which allows you to drive faster results for large, complex data sets with up to 2.5x more memory capacity for select PowerEdge servers.[3] In fact, PowerEdge R740xd enables up to 2.7x  transactions per second with Intel Optane DC persistent memory compared to NVMe drives in a virtualized Microsoft SQL Server 2019 preview environment.[4] And we made it as easy as a cake mix to configure and update Intel Optane DC persistent memory with iDRAC out-of-band management.

If you need to run complex AI workloads, Intel® Deep Learning Boost offers inferencing capabilities right within the CPU. And for the sprinkles on top? PowerEdge offers BIOS tuning with workload-optimized server configuration profiles, so you can configure optimal performance outcomes as you add new technologies, workloads or servers.

How do YOU decide to make your cake? From scratch, buy a cake mix or get it pre-made from your favorite bakery? You can have the cake any way you want it and eat it as well. It is easy to accelerate innovation in your data center with Dell–  just choose your favorite flavor. Dell PowerEdge technology at any level of integration – from a best-in-breed platform, to a pre-integrated turnkey hybrid cloud implementation or any step in-between. Make sure you check out Dell Ready Solutions for HPC that come in multiple flavors to help you accelerate parallel workloads including AI, machine and deep learning from Life Sciences to Digital Manufacturing.

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[1] The Dell PowerEdge servers with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors (with capabilities like Intel Deep Learning Boost) will be generally available in the second quarter of 2019. Intel Optane DC persistent memory will be available for hands-on trials through a Dell customer proof of concept program and through Dell Technologies Customer Solution Centers beginning this April and generally available later in the second quarter of 2019 on select two- and four-socket PowerEdge servers.

[2] Preliminary results on based on Dell internal testing comparing a PowerEdge R740 with Intel Xeon Scalable processors (first generation) Silver 4116 vs a PowerEdge R740 with 2nd Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors Silver 4216 running SPECcpu2017 int_rate_base February 2019. Actual results will vary.

[3] Based on Dell internal analysis, comparing select PowerEdge servers using Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory DIMMs and/or DRAM DIMMs vs just using DRAM DIMMs, January 2019. This new memory feature will be available on select PowerEdge servers later in 2Q.

[4] Based on Dell internal testing in March 2019 comparing a PowerEdge R740xd with 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors and 2 x 1.6TB Mixed Use NVMes using Microsoft SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.3, VMware ESXi 6.7U1 and a RHEL 7.6GA vs the same R740xd configuration except for substituting the NVMes for 12 x 256GB DIMMs of Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory. Workload used is derived from TPC-C to SQL Server 2019 CTP 2.3 performance. The results obtained with the derived workload are not comparable to published TPC-C results. Actual results will vary.

About the Author: Nicole Werts Williams

Nicole Werts Williams is a Sr. Advisor supporting Server Solution Marketing at Dell, Inc with a focus on tower servers, modular infrastructure and storage components. Nicole has also served in the Storage Marketing Group at Dell covering the PS and SC Series lines. With over 15 years of experience in IT marketing spanning hardware software and services, Nicole has also held positions at IBM. She holds a MBA and a BA in English.