Driving Efficient Manufacturing Strategies with New Dell Product & Profit Analytics (DPPA)

The manufacturing space is a volatile business where everything from market fluctuations to tropical storms can have a major impact on our customers’ profit margins. To remain agile and competitive in today’s global economy, manufacturers need to understand the financial performance of product lines and customers. It is imperative that margins and costs be made visible in real-time to make decisions that will allow them to turn volatility into opportunity.

In response, today Dell announced Dell Product & Profit Analytics (DPPA), an efficient IT solution from Dell Services that allows manufacturing companies to predict the impact market conditions could have on their business. With DPPA implemented by Dell Services, this is achieved instantly and seamlessly by linking detailed material, manufacturing and selling costs from across all business systems. In fact, we’ve seen that companies leveraging pVelocity’s software see margin improvement within the very first year of implementation.  Delivered through a partnership with pVelocity, the solution combines Dell Services’ ERP implementation, integration expertise and hosting capabilities with core business intelligence to provide real-time simulations and predicative analytics.

Furthering Dell’s commitment to end-to-end, efficient IT solutions, DPPA is just one example of the open, capable and affordable solutions we’re building and offering. The DPPA solution software allows for immediate insight without the need for ongoing IT intervention and support and integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructures, supporting multiple data sources as if it was part of the original design. The software also has the flexibility to allow manufacturers to match their own business practices and objectives on the front end.

Through this solution, Dell enables customers to manage real-time margins and fluctuating costs in a volatile economy.  In the end, the solution helps manufacturers make smarter decisions about what to stop, what to change and what to grow, resulting in increased efficiency and better result for the business. 

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About the Author: Michael Morrison