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When IT simplicity is made real through automation, orchestration and self-service management, you can free your staff to become more responsive to innovative app dev activities. Continuing our Direct2Dell series on optimizing your infrastructure for critical business workloads, let’s dive into the latter half of the Power & Simplicity theme that was presented in our last blog entry – “Pamper Workloads with Powered-up Performance from PowerMax.” In that post, we shared advice on making the right technology investments by centering around the use cases, applications and databases that have a most direct impact on your organization’s strategic differentiation. Now that we have covered the cutting-edge performance present within Dell Technologies solutions, today we will focus on the topic of optimized management.

Beyond the key tasks of improving performance and eliminating network bottlenecks, your organization trusts your IT staff and the infrastructure that you manage to make their jobs easier. IT solutions that embrace simplicity and help get complexities out of the way can directly accelerate business growth. And modernizing with a technology provider that embraces this philosophy allows your business to run critical workloads with ease, so that your staff can focus on supporting innovation.

Implementing a new infrastructure solution for every request is not feasible given today’s staffing and budget limitations. Digital transformation is necessary; but avoiding additional operational complexity is equally crucial when implementing modernized solutions. How can you keep a focus on simplicity and continue to free your staff’s time? By putting their general operations & workloads on auto pilot.

Dell Technologies brings you Power & Simplicity to get IT complexities out of your way and accelerate innovation and growth with the right technology. Our technology can provide you with the trusted simplicity that the digital world demands. Designed for ease of use and reliability, our infrastructure allows staff to keep focus on business innovation instead of IT operations. Plus, our integrated full stack solutions (hyperconverged / converged infrastructure) and validated designs offer your team further simplicity.

One example of the simplicity in our products is Dell PowerProtect Data Manager. Ease of install, management and day-to-day operations are key to simplicity in the world of data protection, where workload administrators each have their own precious cargo. PowerProtect Data Manager enables self-service data management for SQL, SAP HANA & Oracle backups. Data owners can perform backup and recovery operations directly from native applications, while IT can maintain central oversight and governance to ensure compliance.

PowerProtect Data Manager is integrated into PowerProtect X series appliances for further effortlessness, and the platform is also available with the new PowerProtect DD series appliances via individual software license or the revamped version of our Data Protection Suite. PowerProtect Data Manager delivers the performance, scalability and resiliency demanded by your most critical workloads. Experience a simplified experience with the entire Dell Data Protection portfolio – with specific solutions for SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL, VMware and Kubernetes containers.

Our advanced offerings across the infrastructure stack – including our Dell data protection portfolio – are available with flexible payment options through Dell Technologies On Demand. If you are not familiar, Dell Technologies On Demand also includes value-added services with ProDeploy, ProSupport and Managed Services, which can be bundled effortlessly and paired with all the financial consumption models.

Dell Technologies has the right technology to provide your IT staff with the ease of use that this data era demands. Our powered-up portfolio of infrastructure solutions enables your business to run its critical workloads with ease, allowing you to focus on business innovations. By delivering the performance, scalability and resiliency required across your infrastructure, we help ensure your IT investments will support the workloads that your business depends on to grow.

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