Embrace the Age of Edge with Dell Private Wireless

Get 5G wireless benefits across edge deployments while keeping data inside your enterprise network.

Across industries, the widescale move to edge computing is transforming the way organizations access, analyze and act on data. This transformation is leading to shifts across the information ecosystem. As business workloads become inundated with exponential data growth from an expanding number of autonomous edge endpoints, network connectivity is taking on a critical new role.

Edge applications require a robust connectivity solution – one that ensures reliable quality of service (QoS), high-speed throughput, zero-trust security, low latency and flexible scalability to support massive device connectivity. These robust features are best delivered with private wireless solutions. Private wireless networks can support advanced and compelling edge use cases that are often not suited for public networks.

Wireless Networks Are Not Created Equal

While Wi-Fi networks provide adequate connectivity for non-business-critical use cases, private wireless delivers a more secure solution with predictable performance at scale, including the lower latency and higher throughput edge applications require. It also supports large geographical coverage areas, which is optimal for a variety of edge environments.

As advanced edge applications like machine vision, industrial automation and digital twin technologies become prevalent, as well as applications running in dispersed and rugged environments, private wireless is becoming the connectivity option of choice for running edge applications.

Yet, making the move to private wireless can be a complex undertaking, with multi-vendor infrastructure and application challenges to overcome, as well as complex support issues in the short and longer term. Most enterprises today lack the resources internally to design, deploy and maintain the private wireless networks they need to support a truly mature edge application strategy. For these reasons, many enterprises are unable or unwilling to implement a private wireless solution regardless of the benefits it delivers.

Introducing Dell Private Wireless with Airspan and Druid

Today, Dell introduces Dell Private Wireless with Airspan and Druid, a new enterprise-class solution that uses 5G technologies to deliver a standalone private wireless network – with dedicated bandwidth and infrastructure – that meets the diverse connectivity needs of enterprises edge applications across industries.

Powered by Dell VxRail and PowerEdge servers, this private wireless solution is built in partnership with leading mobile technology providers Airspan and Druid. It is an easy-to-deploy solution for standing up private 5G connectivity across distributed edge resources, working with Dell Technologies as a single, trusted technology provider. The solution leverages the Airspan AirVelocity 1901 and AirVelocity 2700 5G radios and the Druid Software Raemis™ 5G core for a complete end-to-end solution.

Dell Private Wireless allows enterprises to gain the benefits of 5G wireless capability across edge deployments without the need to move data outside the enterprise network. This means users can experience the speed, low latency, reliability, security and efficiency of 5G wireless across the edge without compromising data control, sovereignty or governance requirements.

A standalone Dell Private Wireless 5G solution with edge computing supports multiple enterprise edge applications. These applications play a crucial role in advancing critical business outcomes, such as workforce productivity, operational efficiency, quality control, cost management, workplace safety and sustainability. By combining the capabilities of edge computing with the benefits of private 5G, Dell offers customers a solution that delivers on today’s edge strategy, while putting in place a robust foundation to support the longer digital transformation journey.

Experience the Benefits of Dell Private Wireless

Innovation at the edge is happening rapidly, as is the growing complexity of deploying and managing edge applications. To run your most innovative edge applications securely, reliably and with minimal complexity, Dell Private Wireless delivers these compelling benefits:

    • Connect predictably. Dell Private Wireless ensures seamless mobility and ubiquitous reach across extremely wide coverage areas, penetrating indoor and outdoor environments and providing precise position tracking of assets within the entire distributed edge. It lets you scale wireless connectivity predictably and visualize your edge with data from thousands of sensors per coverage area, with speed and throughput unmatched by traditional wireless technologies. Experience uninterrupted business operations with stable edge connectivity, enhanced handover protocol for devices in transit and the ability to prioritize ultra-low latency network traffic for critical workloads to avoid performance degradation.
    • Deploy easily. The integrated solution reduces private wireless complexity with open standards and a global network of support services to ensure an ultra-low-latency experience. Tested, validated, ready multi-vendor integration with Dell edge solutions accelerates time to value and ensures fast, pain-free deployment of even the most innovative use cases across industry verticals. Built-in security via role-based access control (RBAC) and user provisioning simplifies the protection of enterprise data flowing from edge to cloud and gives you the ability to restrict data within the enterprise boundaries.
    • Manage with security and resiliency. High-availability, compute acceleration, low-latency storage and high-speed connectivity capabilities built into the underlying Dell VxRail platforms and PowerEdge servers ensure fast, resilient 5G performance. Seamless integration with Dell Streaming Data Platform enables mission-critical and real-time response applications. High-speed data ingestion and unlimited persistent data storage at the edge enable real-time analysis of all data streams connected via 5G. This end-to-end solution reinforces edge security at every level, from hardware supply chain, application runtimes and edge-to-cloud data-pipelines.

Accelerate Your Edge Strategy with Dell Private Wireless

By removing the complexity factor in deploying private wireless networks, Dell offers you a fast track to transforming your business and achieving optimal edge application performance.

Because consumption preferences vary, Dell Private Wireless is available as a standalone solution, a managed service and in a hybrid CapEx/OpEx model. It can be purchased directly from Dell or through one of our Dell Communication Service Provider partners.

Visit our Private Wireless site to learn more about this Dell Private Wireless solution.

Andrew Vaz

About the Author: Andrew Vaz

Andrew is responsible for the Telecom Systems Business product management at Dell Technologies. In his current role, Andrew oversees the overall strategy, prioritization, and development of products and solutions for the Telecom/Network Operations market. Andrew has more than twenty years of product management and leadership experience in the technology and telecom industries, previously serving as Vice President of Product Management for Juniper Networks’ WAN Solutions. Before working at Juniper, Andrew was responsible for product management for 5G solutions, access and aggregation, and service provider software and edge at Cisco Systems.