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Why is cloud client computing the solution?

When it comes to business, expectations have never been higher: employees increasingly expect to be able to work from anywhere, at any time, often on a device of their own choosing and companies are expected to be productive, efficient and competitive. At the same time, IT is expected to bring together disparate systems, enabling employees to connect to business critical information that is protected at all times (even when those devices that access it are out of the control of the IT department).

Data storage and access across multiple devices in multiple places presents three key challenges to organisations of all sizes:

  1. Managing risk – Employees store their data everywhere; not just on a NAS or SAN, but also on laptops, tablets, smartphones, USB sticks and portable drives. Each of these devices is uniquely vulnerable and each one represents a compliance challenge.
  2. Employees must be empowered – Business dynamics have changed, employees both expect and are expected to have access to key applications or content at any time of the day or night, regardless of their location and the type of device they were using. Growing smartphone use has meant that those employees expect a user experience on corporate devices that is as intuitive as their own consumer devices.
  3.  IT needs to provide a competitive edge – Investment in IT is critical to long-term business growth, but legacy systems and specialised LOBs dictate that the new must integrate with the old.

And this is where cloud client computing is proving to its worth in terms of scalability, flexibility and cost efficiencies. Cloud Client computing – with a choice of private or public cloud, subscription pricing models, on-site or off-site applications and integration with current systems – provides a powerful, secure end-to-end solution that encompasses data centre servers, storage and networking, along with hardware, software and client devices.

Cloud client computing ensures that data is completely secure; employees have access to the necessary tools and applications – no matter where they are or what device they want to use – and all endpoints are secure. This includes endpoints the company doesn’t own, for example employees’ own devices, cybercafé PCs or other shared devices. Cloud client computing also helps improve service delivery and competitiveness, reducing the complexity, improving flexibility and, therefore, enabling IT resource to be refocused on strategic developments.

Dell Partners are well-positioned to support their customers with these challenges through Dell Cloud Client Computing solutions. Dell offers a full line-up of world-class products to enable Partners to tailor the solution to meet a customer’s specific need; in addition to letting any user access any application on any device – personal or corporate-owned – while keeping their organisation’s systems and data secure, manageable and reliable.

If you are a Dell Partner interested in finding out more about Dell Cloud Client solutions, you can access more details in the Partner Portal: http://partnerdirect.dell.com/sites/channel/en_uk/Solutions/CCC/Pages/CloudClient.aspx

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Topics in this article