Enabling RSA’s Channel Partner Ecosystem: Enhanced RSA SecurWorld Offerings

Each year, the channel team takes a good look at our current program, solicits feedback from channel partners and evaluates where changes can be made to foster stronger, more dynamic and mutually beneficial partner relationships.   Our strategy with RSA SecurWorld 2013 aligns to how RSA has evolved as an organization, and to that end, we have strengthened enablement offerings around this broader set of solutions – including specialized training and a trove of new resources.

Here is a look at what’s new for RSA SecurWorld program:

RSA SecurWorld Academy 2013

  • RSA SecurWorld Academy, RSA’s formal partner training program, has been fully updated based on the current suite of RSA products and now offers specializations in RSA Authentication Products or RSA Security Management Products.  Designed to better align to our channel partners’ go-to-market strategies, the RSA SecurWorld Academy framework allows channel partners to focus on their areas of expertise and offer a more rounded portfolio.

Enriched Sales & Technical Resources

  • RSA EduTube is a new online video portal that includes the sales and technical content the RSA core reps receive. This tool uses a simple self-registration process, and all content is free and mobile accessible.
  • RSA’s NEW Technical Modules Program is designed to ensure RSA SecurWorld Partner SEs become a true extension of the RSA SE community.  It begins with online technical content for a specific RSA product – such as RSA Security Analytics – and progresses to 1-1 sessions between Channel Partner SEs and RSA SEs for installing and leveraging Not-for-Resale Equipment, delivering the customer demo, or conducting PoC’s.
  • We also have a ton of sales tools available on the full breadth of RSA products. For newer products like RSA Security Analytics, RSA Silver Tail, RSA ECAT, and RSA IPV, we have put a greater focus on use cases partners can utilize in the field to help discover new opportunities.
  • The RSA Validation Center (RVC) offers a more hands-on engagement with our products through a collection of VMware based product demonstration environments that leverage realistic use cases.  The RVC has been updated with new products including RSA Adaptive Authentication and RSA Security Analytics.

We also wanted to focus on getting new products out to our RSA SecurWorld partners faster.  There has been a lot of activity here at RSA over the past several months with new product launches and acquisitions. We are excited that many of these new products have been fully integrated within the RSA SecurWorld program, including:

We are extremely proud of the work we’ve done with our partners this year and believe these updates and new tools will help them become even more profitable and better enable their working relationship with RSA. We can’t wait to see the continued growth in our channel partner ecosystem!

About the Author: Billy Taylor