Enhancing Cyber Resilient Multicloud Data Protection

Software-driven innovation continues to increase security and enterprise capabilities.

According to the 2022 Global Data Protection Index snapshot, 76% of organizations say they lack data protection solutions for newer technologies such as containers and cloud-native applications. Combined with 65% of organizations reporting challenges associated with increased operational management time and complexity, it’s easy to understand why two-thirds of those same businesses are concerned about coping with malware and ransomware and aren’t very confident their data in public clouds is protected.

In light of these challenges, Dell Technologies product innovation continues with data protection portfolio enhancements to help ensure you are prepared for challenges associated with multicloud data sprawl, operational complexity and inadequate cyber resiliency. We recently released software enhancements for PowerProtect DD Operating System, PowerProtect Data Manager and PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance, and we made updates to our PowerProtect Cyber Recovery solution.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

PowerProtect Data Manager

The latest release of PowerProtect Data Manager provides enterprise customers with multiple new capabilities, including workload enhancements and enhanced security, plus expanded cloud capabilities.

Data Manager extends enterprise data protection capabilities for Oracle environments with auto discovery of Oracle Data Guard Federated. This provides enhanced and simplified management of Oracle backups and restores in a high-availability Data Guard environment through the Data Manager UI and unified Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) agent workflows. On top of that, Data Manager is now integrated with Oracle Incremental Merge (OIM). This enhancement enables users to create synthesized full backups at the cost of an incremental backup, resulting in quicker Oracle backups with better dedupe ratios and faster recoveries.

This release of Data Manager also extends Cloud Snapshot Manager to include support for Google Cloud Platform. Multitenancy support allows each customer to be provisioned as a separate tenant with their own Cloud Snapshot Manager account and admins to set roles and role-based access control (RBAC) policies for their users.

To deliver higher levels of security for mission critical operations, Data Manager now also supports RSA for multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA provides additional layers of access challenge beyond usernames and passwords to guard against the risk of stolen credentials.

PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance

New security, efficiency and ease of use features are now available for the recently announced PowerProtect Data Manager Appliance.

Security is enhanced with multi-factor authentication and Active Directory integration for single user login management. Troubleshooting and change management efficiency is increased, as users can view and download all audit logs from a single location in the UI.

Data protection efficiency is further improved with faster input/output data rates on the Data Manager Appliance via multiple virtual local area network (VLAN) uplink management.

PowerProtect DD Operating System

We continue our quarterly cadence of releasing updates to the PowerProtect DD Operating System for PowerProtect appliances. PowerProtect DDOS enhancements include extending Smart Scale for PowerProtect appliances support to on-premises instances of PowerProtect DD Virtual Edition.

PowerProtect DDOS updates also introduce new security capabilities. Our multi-system management tool, PowerProtect DD Management Center, which manages your PowerProtect appliance environment, now also supports RSA for multi-factor authentication.

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery

According to a recent Cybereason ransomware report, 90% of those surveyed reported they were not able to get 100% of the data back after paying the ransom. Paying the ransom doesn’t make you cyber resilient, but Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery can. The latest release of PowerProtect Cyber Recovery and CyberSense improve the customer experience, lower total cost of ownership and enhance performance to protect critical data against cyberattacks.

As you continue to expand use of multicloud, Dell Technologies wants to ensure you are confident and successful in protecting all data against cyberattacks. Cyber Recovery for AWS allows automated recovery with PowerProtect Data Manager within the AWS vault. In addition, multiple vaults can be configured in the same AWS cloud region, allowing for a more scalable recovery strategy with AWS.

Improvements to CyberSense analytics will help you meet your SLAs and lower cost. Multilink connections allow for load balancing to maximize available bandwidth to analyze data for corruption. This will help analyze more data without increasing the number of CyberSense servers. Dynamic licensing will allow you to remove stale hosts from CyberSense capacity meters for accurate licensing. To expand support for additional workloads, analytics can run on Hyper-V workloads protected with Avamar and PowerProtect DP appliances.

More operations are available to you through the Cyber Recovery UI to streamline your processes to help recover from cyberattacks. You can now run the Jobs Report on-demand or scheduled, use the Vault Application Wizard to configure CyberSense and backup applications, and recover data to an alternate PowerProtect DD appliance.

Dell PowerProtect Cyber Recovery with CyberSense protects critical workloads from cyberattacks with flexible deployments and streamlined recovery options to improve your cyber resilience. Learn more here.

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About the Author: David Noy

David Noy brings 25 years of experience in the storage and data management industry. He spent nearly a decade leading engineering and product management teams for numerous companies, including Dell Technologies, NetApp, Veritas and Cohesity. Today, David leads two industry-leading technology divisions at Dell Technologies, Unstructured Data Storage and Data Protection, where he is helping to embolden innovation around data management and hybrid cloud; and driving advancement of holistic solutions to help heighten business success for customers worldwide.