Evolution of the Dell Connected Classroom

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.
— Albert Einstein

Students using Dell Latitude 2110 netbookToday, I'm pleased to announce the evolution and expansion of the Connected Classroom learning environment, with the launch of a number of new services and products to our offering.  These provide schools and teachers with the necessary technology and understanding to transform the traditional classroom into an environment in which students can be nurtured and prepared for life in the digital age. 

Unlike vendors who produce point products for students, Dell has a complete solution addressing students and teachers needs. We are providing new technologies and teacher-focused professional learning tools to enable teachers to more effectively engage students and individualize instruction with easy access to a base of rich and diverse digital content.

Today's announcement takes the Connected Classroom further. It provides a range of new technology platforms from which to build the Connected Classroom, combined with a variety of services that will give schools and teachers the confidence and materials to deliver effective education that meets every student's needs.  It helps teachers adopt individualized, collaborative, and project-based learning practices whilst enhancing traditional teaching methods, ultimately increasing student engagement and promoting mastery of content.

New Technologies Announced Today:

Today's announcement includes the launch of:

  • Dell Latitude 2110 – the next evolution of Dell's popular netbook offers several enhancements that support the rapid adoption and use of digital content in the classroom. In addition to the rubberized coating on the chassis the optional keyboard featuring anti-microbial protection1 now also includes a "tamper-resistant" design to help prevent loss of key-caps. Students using Dell Mobile Computing CartSee Jake Whitman's 2110 post to see what makes it suitable for businesses as well).
  • Dell Mobile Computing Station – storing up to 24 netbooks, it allows teachers or students to transport shared Latitude 2110's or 2100's from classroom to classroom, as well as including a wireless access point, device charging indicators and a wake-on LAN feature. This enables IT staff or teachers to conveniently deliver updates via the network, greatly simplifying management. Available May 17, 2010 (except US/Canada).
  • Dell S300wi Interactive, Short Throw Projector- combining the capabilities of an interactive pen with this multi-purpose, short throw projector, teachers can make virtually any smooth surface an interactive learning space. In addition, 3D capable* DLP technology allows for an experience that is not possible with traditional 2D content. While the new S300wi gives schools the flexibility to use any compatible interactive software platform and toolbar, it ships with eInstruction Interwrite Workspace (at no additional cost to customers), providing interactivity in no time. (Launching soon in selected regions). *Requires separately purchased active 3D goggles with DLP Link, 3D player software application, HDMI/VGA cable, 3D content, PC/laptop with a 120Hz signal output quad buffered graphics card.
  • Dell multi-function printers – choose from select multi-function printers with software that transforms manual, paper-based processes into easy and efficient digital workflows. (Launching soon in selected regions).

I'm thrilled to see the evolution of the Connected Classroom – it truly shows that we continue to listen to our customers by expanding our offering. Watch this space over the next few months for more news around the Connected Classroom.

1 Agion antimicrobial keyboard treatment fully registered by US EPA. 

About the Author: Mark Horan