Expanding Productivity Boosting Printers for Small & Medium Businesses

As mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) have become megatrends, there are an increasing number of offices using a wide range of devices to access digital data. When thinking about technologies that are evolving as digital demands grow, printers may not be the first devices to come to mind. Yet printers are vital to office device ecosystems and enable businesses to do more by supporting the creation, consumption and integration of digital data. These business environments need printing solutions that allow employees to easily collaborate, share digital data, and print from multiple devices.

Dell Imaging is focused on designing innovative printers that enhance office productivity and meet the demands of the evolving workforce—no matter the size of the organization—with several new products this year. 

To help small- to mid-size businesses realize the productivity, flexibility and efficiency benefits of new printer technologies, Dell Imaging has developed a portfolio of printing solutions that are affordable, easy to use, and easy to maintain even without a dedicated IT staff.

Designed for entrepreneurs and offered at a reasonable price, the new E310dw, E514dw, E515dw and E525w boosts office efficiency with the Dell Printer Hub, an all-in-one printer console that controls your printer and connects to our award-winning Dell Document Hub. This convenient, one-stop solution features an intuitive interface that integrates printer essentials and cloud connectivity for easy document management and control of your printer. These new printers are equipped with Dell Printer Easy Installer for simple set up, and seamlessly connect to peripherals with WiFi, Ethernet and USB connectivity options.

John Brandon of Inc. ranked our new Dell Color Multifunction Printer – E525W as an essential office product for 2015 and stated:

“This 18-pages-per-minute printer is a productivity enhancer. You can print, scan, copy, and fax with one workgroup device that’s much lower in price than many multi-function printers. A new "printer hub" feature means you can process documents from cloud services like Box.net.”

To continue to empower businesses, Dell Imaging will also be introducing printers with integrated cloud connectivity (H-Series) for improved collaboration, and Smart (S-Series) Printers with enterprise-level security and workflow solutions this Autumn. 

On May 19, we introduced the first of our S-Series printers—the Dell Smart Printer – S2810, an affordable, network-ready printer designed for sharing in a small work group with low cost-per-page and essential security and productivity features.

In managed IT environments, the S2810dn offers easy-to-use features, essential security features and automatic two-sided printing. With a large internal memory of 1GB, the S2810 can handle and process large and complex files as well as enable Private/Public Mailbox Print and Proof Printing.

With the right solutions, business professionals can easily adapt to mobile trends that increase productivity in the workplace. We are excited about our lineup of new Imaging solutions in 2015, as we continue to build innovation in the workforce based around our customers. We encourage you to participate in the conversation in the comments section below, or send them via Twitter to @Dell. Your feedback is our design inspiration.

About the Author: George Toh

George Toh is Vice President of Dell’s Global Commercial Displays business. In his role, George is responsible for global product planning, marketing, business strategy and overall business leadership. George has been with Dell for more than 10 years and has held several leadership positions leading Marketing, Product and Test Engineering, Program management and Strategy. Prior to joining Dell, George held various marketing and sales management positions at other innovative companies like HP and Nestle. He is a technology geek at heart who really enjoys designing and delivering cool products!