Flexible partner certification with Dell

Over the years at Dell we’ve expanded our partner certification program considerably, moving from storage-only offerings five years ago, with servers, networking, security, system management, and more recently, cloud services and solutions available. We continue to evolve our training program to bring new solutions, better quality training, and a more robust suite of training programs to our channel partners.

The PartnerDirect certification program is built around choice and flexibility. Dell knows the channel community is diverse; no two partners look exactly alike. It’s important to have a program that allows partners to engage with Dell in a way that fits their business model. It’s your business, and we won’t tell you how to run it or where to make your investments. We will work hard to earn your business every day and to grow your sales with Dell solutions. If you work with other non-Dell solutions, it is our job to show you the business value in working with Dell.

We’ve put a lot of effort into introducing partners to our certification program. The first stop is the Partner Resource Desk, a “white glove concierge” level of support that is there to walk partners through the on-boarding process. Partners are guided through what training they’ll need to take, answer questions, and direct them to webinars and solutions. Included on the partner portal is the “Certification at a Glance” guide that outlines how to get certified with Dell. Our certification competencies include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Storage
  • Server
  • Systems Management
  • Networking and Security
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Services and Solutions

When a partner decides to certify with Dell, the Cert-at-a-Glance section will guide them to the exact course numbers to enroll in, where to go to get to the classes, and what is expected in terms of the size of the partner’s sales force and the technical requirements in order to certify. The certification process itself is not onerous. Partners don’t face hundreds of hours of training, or tens of thousands of dollars. All of our training is online or instructor led, and it’s free. We believe the investment partners make to take time out of the business to train is investment enough.

Check out our certification programs over at  PartnerDirect.Dell.com.

About the Author: Bob Skelley