Get Ready to Do More With Machine Data – Introducing Dell EMC Ready Systems for Splunk

Manage machine data without all the machinations.

If you know machine data can help you drive operational performance and business results but don’t know how to get a handle on it, or if you’re intimidated by deploying infrastructure for the leading machine data analytics application, Dell EMC makes it easy with new Ready Systems for Splunk.

Enterprises are using data generated by many different types of machines like infrastructure, security solutions and business applications to identify application failures, understand cyberattacks, investigate data breaches, and summarize authorized and unauthorized configurations—in real time. Machine data is the largest and fastest-growing section of big data, and if you’re not making it accessible and usable to your business, you’re definitely missing out.

Splunk has become a business critical application and having the right infrastructure is key to being successful with Splunk. Dell EMC and Splunk have partnered to make adopting or expanding Splunk much simpler, by engineering a portfolio of purpose-built systems that leverage the automation of VMware® to create optimal infrastructure for Splunk.

Dell EMC Ready Systems for Splunk are purpose-built for the needs of Splunk, helping consolidate, simplify and protect machine data while delivering high levels of performance and data retention.

Choose the Ready System that’s right for your business:


Dell EMC Splunk Ready System on VxRail

Dell EMC Splunk Ready System on VxRack FLEX

Small to medium enterprises, especially those that:

  • Would benefit from a Splunk appliance
  • Prefer VMware vSAN™
  • Want to start small but may need to scale
  • Require a solution with fewer than 64 nodes
Medium to larger enterprises, especially those that:

  • Require rack scale
  • Prefer or are using ScaleIO
  • Require support for multi-hypervisors, operating systems and bare metal configurations
  • Want to run multiple workloads in a single rack

To learn more, download our solution overview or come talk to us at the 8th annual Splunk Conference, September 25–28 in Washington, D.C.

About the Author: Brett Roberts

Brett Roberts is a technologist who is passionate about solving business challenges using data analytics. He is currently a solutions specialists with Dell Technologies focusing on helping customers drive business relevance by understanding, deploying and optimizing their Data Analytics and AI solutions. Brett carries a number of certifications and is a co-host of a community podcast and blog that explores the trends and technologies in the Analytics and AI space. He has a Masters in International Management and an MBA from the University of Maryland. Brett currently resides in Boston, Massachusetts. You can find his blog at