Giving Customers the Power to Do More

Shel Israel’s concept of braided journalism created a light-bulb moment about how we, too, could blend outside perspective into the information we share about our company and the industry. We asked ourselves how we could incorporate the expertise of industry pundits, our partners and customers to provide a relevant source of information for our key constituencies.

The result is a website called “The power to do more.” It shares a distinct point-of-view about the role that technology plays in the world today; we believe that technology serves an important purpose in helping our customers achieve success.

  • The site is divided into seven areas: Cloud Computing, Education Technology, Entrepreneurship, Health Care Technology, IT Infrastructure, Social Media and Sustainability with more on the way.
  • Each topic area features Perspectives from Dell and industry experts, Success stories with practical solutions to real-world problems, an area to participate in Conversations about these important topics and a section to learn more about Solutions that solve common customer issues.
  • We’ll be adding new features to make the site more social, including the ability for customers so share their own success stories directly on the site as well as make it easier for people to share articles and videos on Facebook, Twitter and more.

Check out Shel’s recent post where he describes how we worked with him and a number of other journalists to create some of the content featured today. We would love to hear your feedback on the concept of the site as well as the value of the articles and videos featured there. You can also sign up for an RSS feed to keep track of the latest updates.

About the Author: Amy King