Growth in Storage Partner Ecosystem boosts Solutions Opportunities

Editor's Note: Yatin worked with Claudia Lee and Sarah Doherty to co-author the post below.

Do you use your personal smartphone to check your corporate email?  Is the person next to you doing the same?  Many mobile users are using their personal devices to access corporate data via email or other sources. Employees in today’s world are part of the new ever-growing trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  Whether you travel, work remotely, or come into an office every day, we are all realizing how much more productive we can be if we can use our own personal devices. With this expanding need for personal technology in the workplace, IT departments are struggling to keep the corporate data secure. Unfortunately, many mobile users are storing and sharing corporate data on the same consumer-based public clouds they use to store and share their personal files. The primary driver behind this is the need for access and collaboration on the corporate information anywhere, anytime in this fast paced environment supported by growing adoption of remote work policies. This creates a productivity boost for the users, but because the data is stored on public clouds, it can introduce an unmanageable security risk for IT.

In order to respect employees’ access rights as well as remain consistent in how the devices are accessed, IT must leverage BYOD solutions through available technologies. We recently worked with 2 of our storage partners in order to certify cloud solutions that will help in this area.  Dell partners Ippany B.V. and Mezeo Software have certified solutions with Dell Storage which can enable secure and mobile corporate data collaboration via private cloud solutions, based on the Dell Fluid File System and Dell DX Object Storage Platform. These solutions give our customers secure access to corporate data anywhere, deliver enterprise-class file management, archive, data protection and security, and help support the growing demands of IT organizations looking to deliver storage-as-a-service functionality to their end-users in support of BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives.

In addition to putting IT departments back in control of the corporate data, these secure mobile collaboration solutions also enable them to provide new capabilities.

  • Anytime, anywhere access via PC, tablet or smartphone (Android and iOS)
  • Synchronization – start working on a document on your PC at the office, pick up where you left off and finish it on the road from your tablet
  • Collaboration – easily share and comment on documents with your co-workers, partners, vendors
  • Secure file sharing – Share documents internally or externally with logins or guest accounts and optional expiration dates
  • Public file links – Publish your document via a link
  • Data agnostic – Support different types of data – PowerPoints, spreadsheets, Word documents, videos, graphics
  • File versioning – Easily keep track of your versions and revert back if necessary

Private cloud solutions, based on the Dell Fluid File System and Dell DX Object Storage Platform,  in collaboration with Ippany B.V. and Mezeo Software can help you gain control of your cloud storage and allow you to improve your corporate data security and your employees’ productivity all at the same time.

Ippany B.V. and Mezeo Software are part of the growing Dell storage partner ecosystem that is certified to support a range of customer requirements for storage, data management and vertical applications.  Dell’s Storage Ecosystem has been established in order to offer Dell customers a wide range of certified solutions addressing various use cases such as:  Storage Virtualization and Management, Data Retention, Data Protection, Information Management, Big data and Cloud.  Storage Ecosystem Partners are part of Dell’s Technology Partner Program which offers the ability to work with Dell to certify the joint solutions through a standardized process. This ecosystem strives to deliver superior value and peace of mind for our customers through diversified certified solutions.

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About the Author: Yatin Chalke