Here We Grow Again – Another Industry First From Dell Storage

The PowerVault DL2000 is the industry’s first integrated disk-to-disk (D2D) based solution that automates, simplifies, and speeds up backup and recovery. These are tasks that customers in the SMB space need to do but either do inefficiently, can’t afford, don’t have time to do, or worse, can’t do at all.

In plain English – this is the system that will help our customers automate and simplify their data protection processes while slashing data backup by 55% and restore times 77% compared to tape.

First, let me talk about the meaning of “integrated” and why this is different from anything out there. We worked on an engineer-to-engineer basis to combine our disk storage with software from leaders in the backup and recovery industry – Symantec and CommVault. We worked together to develop special code to work exclusively with our systems – and it comes straight from the factory and ready to go. That’s why the DL2000 sets up 5 times faster than any other commercially available D2D system.

Otherwise, customers are stuck with trying to combine a bunch of point solutions – needing specialized expertise, more time and more money. In short, we’ve put the pieces together so our customers don’t have to.

We also take the solution a step further for customers – with services. We don’t saddle them with armies of consultants, but instead offer Dell storage consulting services to help customers better understand their existing storage environments and provide a clear, actionable path to more efficient storage deployments and operations. And for product and technical support we have Dell ProSupport, giving them flexible, reliable and easier support solutions.

About the Author: Darren Thomas