Increase Productivity with server-based computing software

Earlier this year we launched the Dell Download Store, a place where small-and-medium-sized businesses can easily download and manage the most popular software titles. Since then, more software titles have been added to the store’s offering. Recently, 2X Software was added to the store to easily provide server based computing software to businesses. I chatted with Scott Sims, Business Development Manager – Americas about how 2X Software can really benefit businesses.

KK: What does 2X really provide for small businesses?

SS: 2X Software provides virtual computing solutions for a range of organizations from small businesses to enterprises based on its tailor-made, easy-to-implement and manage cost efficient licensing model. The 2X server based computing software range includes four key products:  

2X Application Server for Windows Terminal Services

2X LoadBalancer for Windows Terminal Services and Citrix

2X ThinClientServer for Windows and Linux

2X VirtualDesktopServer

KK: How can 2X software help make SBs more productive?

SS: 2X Software’s small to medium-business solutions provide increased productivity by reducing administration costs with their ease of installation and maintenance; lowering energy and capital costs by requiring less hardware and providing secure business continuity with balanced loads, built-in redundancy, and SSL and two-factor authentication security.   

KK: In the current economy, what are the benefits of downloadable software versus out-of-the box?

SS: By making the software instantly available online for downloading, 2X not only reduces packaging and shipping costs, but also helps to preserve the environment.  With the 2X virtual computing portfolio, customers have access to what they need, when they need it and how they want it.

KK: How does 2X plan to innovate over the next few years to keep up with the needs of small businesses?

SS: We plan to provide vendor independent solutions that bring virtual desktops, published applications, RDP connection and “GotoMyPC” functionality to one single software client that can be installed on any Mac, Linux, Microsoft Windows, or Thin Clients.  Also, we plan to keep our licensing structure simple and straight forward, and our products easy to install and manageable for any type of administrator.  We will continue to work closely with our customers to satisfy their needs in our products and services, as well as monitor the changing market to keep ahead of new developments. 

Check out the Dell Download Store if you are interested in learning more about downloading business software.

About the Author: Kara Krautter