Intel’s Intelligent Embedded Magic and their Field Sales Force meet Dell OEM Solutions

This past week I was given an amazing opportunity to attend a field sales training event with the Intel Intelligent Systems Group, formerly known as Intel’s Embedded and Communications Group, in Las Vegas, Nevada. While thoroughly enjoying all that the amazing VenetianCasino, Resort and Conference Center could offer, my co-worker and I met and conversed at length with dozens of Intel sales people and Intel’s partner sales teams. We discussed the future of x86 platforms in embedded computing solutions, strategies to get more performance from less effort, money, and power, and how the embedded and OEM markets moving rapidly to COTS solutions for their computing architectures.

I provided insights into the key capabilities of Dell OEM Solutionsfor our markets, our strategic plans for the future of the industries, and how our 1U and 2U rack mount server platforms are being adopted by more and more OEM customers every day. We specifically focused on the benefits of tier 1 technical support, product quality, supply chain, and global capabilities and how these aspects of the Dell OEM Solutions’ sales and relationship model have improved the success of our customers’ business. In all of our conversations, the underlying theme was around our ability to deliver on promises versus doing business with smaller or less well established suppliers.

The most excitement came from an engrossing discussion of the markets we are planning on entering in the coming year and comparing our strategies to Intel’s ISG strategies. While I am not at liberty to share all our plans at this time, I will write about these new markets as they are ready for public announcement. We did pontificate about tablet computing for commercial applications, telecommunications, converged networkingtechnologies, improved RAM performance and capacities, and much more.

As Dell OEM Solutions and Intel Intelligent Solutions Group grow together in the OEM and Embedded markets around the world, I anticipate vast growth in the adoption of advanced technologies in arenas previous stuck in the technological dark ages. The future is bright and I hope my shades are dark enough to handle it.

About the Author: Franklin Flint