Introducing APEX: As-a-Service Wherever You Need It

Simplify digital transformation by deploying as-a-Service infrastructure where it is needed, in the data center, an edge location or colocation facility.

Finding the best path to digital  

Organizations all around the world are going digital in order to modernize operations and foster innovation. Yet digital transformation is often easier said than done. The sheer number of new technologies and variety of operating models available can make it difficult to meet today’s requirements and prepare for tomorrow’s challenges.

Easily adapt with as-a-Service

IT leaders want technology solutions that make work easier, offer the most flexibility, and empower them to run their business on their terms. Never before has the need for agility been more profound than in the past year as rapidly changing dynamics forced organizations to quickly adapt. Enterprises have increasingly turned to as-a-Service models to gain the agility and cost predictability required to stay competitive amid unpredictable circumstances. In fact, IDC estimates that by 2024, more than half of data center infrastructure will be consumed and operated via an as-a-Service model.¹

Introducing the simpler path to transformation

I am excited to introduce Dell Technologies APEX, a breakthrough portfolio of as-a-Service offerings that simplify digital transformation by increasing IT agility and control. APEX is a radically simplified technology experience, delivering as-a-Service infrastructure wherever it is needed. Organizations can focus more on running their business, accelerate innovation by quickly adapting to evolving business requirements, and run IT operations more effectively on their terms – all while minimizing risk and maximizing resources.

APEX is a radically simplified technology experience”

Focus on outcomes, not on infrastructure

APEX represents a fundamental shift in the way we deliver our portfolio in order to simplify the technology experience. Customers simply specify the outcomes they require in just a few easy steps. We take care of the rest, delivering the right technology and services to meet their requirements. Dell Technologies owns, deploys, manages, and supports the infrastructure, removing the complexity of lifecycle management. As a result, APEX simplifies tedious installation processes, reduces burdensome IT maintenance tasks, relieves the hassle of decommissioning activities, and can alleviate the costs and stresses of downtime.

Align technology with evolving business requirements

Organizations want the utmost agility on their digital transformation journey. With APEX, IT leaders can accelerate project timelines and dynamically scale resources based on changing business requirements. APEX solutions can be deployed in a data center, edge location, or colocation facility – in a fraction of the time – with the ability to scale on demand and pay for technology as it is consumed. This comes with clear cost transparency so that customers know exactly what they are paying, with no penalty rates when buffer capacity is used.

Minimize risk and maximize resources, all on your terms

Business and IT leaders no longer need to make the difficult tradeoffs between the simplicity and flexibility they want and the security and performance they require. They can take full control of their operations – from where resources are located, to how they are run, to who can access them. Because of the inherent advantages of private cloud versus public cloud, customers can more effectively reduce security risk and help simplify compliance obligations, while maximizing utilization of resources and delivering fast performance.

The APEX Portfolio

The APEX portfolio consists of all-inclusive technology services for customers in need of a low-touch managed experience, as well as custom solutions for organizations that need more flexibility for specialized environments. Today, we are announcing general availability for APEX Data Storage Services, delivering simplified outcome-based file and block storage resources as a service; APEX Cloud Services, providing consistent instance-based hybrid and private cloud resources; and APEX Custom Solutions, enabling organizations to create their own build-to-order, on-demand environment for flexible consumption at the product level or a managed utility at enterprise scale.

Unifying the APEX experience across all these offers is the APEX Console. It provides customers with self-service access to a catalog of infrastructure and cloud services while guiding them through the entire technology lifecycle. The journey begins with discovery, configuration, subscription, and deployment. From there, customers can monitor ongoing system health, capacity utilization, and periodic optimization. Finally, services can be expanded or added to ensure technology keeps pace with the evolving needs of the business.

As-a-Service wherever you need it

APEX brings together the ease and agility of as-a-Service operating models with the power and control of leading Dell Technologies infrastructure. It represents our aim to provide our entire enterprise portfolio as a service, delivered in a standardized way that only Dell Technologies, and our broad community of partners, can. APEX offers all the innovative technology that customers around the world rely on every day backed by Dell Technologies’ recognized global services, scale, and supply chain leadership.

The end result? Organizations can now deliver as-a-Service capabilities wherever they are needed – in a data center, an edge location, or a colocation facility.

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¹ IDC “Business Value of Usage-Based Consumption Models for Storage” by Susan G. Middleton and Matthew Marden. April 2020. Commissioned by Dell.

About the Author: Akanksha Mehrotra

Akanksha Mehrotra is the Vice President of Dell Technologies APEX Marketing, which includes strategic planning, portfolio marketing and sales enablement for APEX services. She is also responsible for marketing payment solutions and customer evidence from Dell Digital. Akanksha has been with the company for over 15 years, and, in her time at Dell, has gained broad experiences in product management, pricing, marketing and sales strategy and operations. She is a life long learner, enthusiastic mom of two energetic boys and a voracious reader!