Introducing the Dell Supply Chain Management Institute in China

I am proud to say that today Dell announced the launch of its first “Dell Supply Chain Management Institute” (DSCMI) in Xiamen, China. DSCMI is committed to exploring advanced theories and new concepts in supply chain management and address challenges facing customers in manufacturing, services, energy and other organizations like governments, healthcare and educational bodies in the globalized market. Built around Dell’s own supply chain best practices, DSCMI will leverage Dell’s expertise to provide knowledge-based benefits to customers.

Today’s customers are facing three major challenges in the changing business environment: the lack of transparency in an evolving supply chain, customers’ requirements for fast innovation at a low price while maintaining high quality and service, and rapidly fluctuating prices. Supply chain management is Dell’s core competency and our entire value chain is built on information technology. By sharing our best practices in supply chain management and providing consulting and services to customers, Dell hopes to help customers improve their ability to quickly and accurately sense , align and respond to market changes and customer demands, thereby resolving complex challenges in a more efficient and exact manner.

With this in mind, the DSCMI curriculum is geared towards helping manufacturing customers become more efficient and specifically focuses on the following research areas:

  •  Supply chain management and corporate strategies
  • Application of information system models in supply chain management
  • Partnership on the whole supply chain
  • Change management and risk control

In the regularly scheduled workshops, senior Dell experts along with renowned professors from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Tianjin University will lecture on topics that speak to successful supply chain management approaches and feasible end-to-end supply chain management solutions. Each workshop will include the review of a case study, a Dell site tour and simulation and panel discussion. Enrollment will officially start in May 2012.

Although the first program will be in China only, the goal is to eventually expand DSCMI to the U.S. and Europe as well. We will keep you all posted as we have information on the program and eventual expansion.

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About the Author: Alex Yung