Introducing the New S4820T: Choose the combination of performance and cost that is right for you.

If your customers are looking for high performance virtualization, network simplification and consolidation, you probably already know about the Dell S4810 switch. Now, you can introduce them to the S4820T, a switch similar in several aspects but that adds 10G BASE-T connectivity, thus opening new opportunities with customers whose network is predominantly based on copper cabling, and allowing you to use cabling cost reduction as an additional selling point.

The S4820T is a high-performance, 1RU 48-port 1/10G BASE-T switch with four 40GbE uplinks with non-blocking line-rate performance which allows for the connection to servers using copper cables and eliminates the need for optical connections in certain implementations where mid/long cabling is not required. The ability to combine multiple 10GbE blade server chassis allows the S4820T to be positioned either as a top-of-rack switch or aggregation switch. This versatility enables your customers to further simplify their networks because they don’t need various switches for different parts of their network. In addition, the S4820T provides great port flexibility as it allows your customers to connect to existing 1GbE ports as well as to migrate to 10GbE. Procurement and maintenance are simplified and the capacity to re-deploy the switches to other parts of the network or grow as you need provides immediate costs savings and long term investment protection.

clip_image002In addition the Dell S4820T provides scalability by supporting hardware stacking up to six units. The stacked switches can be managed as one unit and thus simplifying network management duties. Simplified management allows your customers’ IT departments to move from being service providers, focused on tedious and repetitive tasks, to strategic organizations focused on delivering innovation.

Virtual Link Trunking (VLT) provides loop-free topology with active-active load sharing of links access to core. Dell’s Open Automation Framework provides advanced network automation and virtualization capabilities for virtual data center environments or Data Center Bridge Exchange (DCBx) make this a switch particularly well suited for virtual data center environments.

So which of your customers would benefit the most from the S4820T?

  • Customers who are using the S4810 and require a switch with similar features but with 10GBASE-T interfaces.

  • Customers whose servers are separated by short distances and want to take advantage of the copper switch connection capabilities.

  • Customers that are interested in moving from 1Gb to 10Gb.

  • Customers interested in moving to the cloud.

In summary, all of your customers can benefit from the increased performance, manageability and lower cost of copper cabling of the new Dell S4820T switch. This video highlights the main benefits of the S4820T Ethernet switch. Share it with your customers today!

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About the Author: Philippe Duchamp