Introducing the Small and Medium Business Social Media Toolkit

Dell’s small and medium business team has produced a new guide for any small or medium business owners or entrepreneurs who is looking to embrace or further develop their use of social media, and who may want a helping hand to get started.

 People often think of social media in terms of tools and channels, with Facebook and Twitter being especially popular. In fact, social media is about people and what they do with technology tools. Social media enables us to engage in dialogue, provide and exchange information and build understanding. It lets us do this is ways that, for many people and especially in business, simpler to understand, easier to use, and provide quicker results.

But social media is also…

  • About change and connecting with changes in society, the marketplace, the workplace.
  • About calculating risk to enable employer and employee to confidently engage in the new landscape.
  • About challenging established orders, hierarchies and cultures.

How does that gel if you’ve never used social media in your business or if you think it’s just not worth the time, energy and risk?

The Small and Medium Business Social Media Toolkit is a beginner’s guide to social media, seen through the lens of small and medium business.

Divided into easily-accessible chapters, the Small and Medium Business Social Media Toolkit is a practical resource focused on social media and its use in the business setting.  It’s designed to provide you with good basic knowledge of the social media landscape, an understanding of how businesses and consumers are using social media and best practices and trends you may find useful.

You will find the guide to be of value if you’re:

  • New to social media engagement.
  • Already engaged with other people via social media and want to take your participation to the next level.
  • A business owner looking for some no-nonsense tips and best practices.

Divided into easily-accessible sections, the guide embraces the wide spectrum of how to  use social media in business, including:

  • Social media policies and guidelines
  • Confidentiality and privacy
  • Community guidelines
  • Social media and crisis communications
  • Best practices in other organizations
  • How to develop a social media strategy
  • Choosing your social media channels
  • Measurement and influence
  • Tips from social media experts
  • Practical advice to get started
  • And more

In creating the Small and Medium Business Social Media Toolkit, we’ve drawn on experiences and insights from the Dell Small and Medium Business team and many of our friends and followers online.

If you are looking to help grow your business using social media effectively, this guide is for you.

Credit: The cartoon above was created in 2007 and used with the permission of Hugh MacLeod, one of the early adopters and major influencers in social media, and a friend of Dell. 

Social media toolkit – Guide to how small and medium businesses can make the most of social media

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About the Author: Kerry Bridge